Chapter 27

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Chaeyoung's POV

Its been days since Yeri visited me..I wonder why..Is she that busy?? Is she cheating on me?

I am already discharged but Yeri didn't even bother to bring me home. And Mina and my brothers are not visiting anymore. They probably had enough of my nonsense. I really tried my best to remember her but nothing..I am still trying but no one is helping me..

Calling Jeongyeon

"Hey Jeongyeon, Can you drive me home today?? I am discharged.."


End of call

He hang up on me. I know he is still angry but I don't know what to do. I took taxi home. I walked up to my room as I layed on my bed.

I took out of the thing that are related to Mina and looked at them. Pictures, gifts that she gave me and everything, I just couodn't remember anything.

"Is it my fault that I couldn't remember anything?? I tried my best but nothing come out..COME ON..REMEMBER EVERYTHING BRAIN.." I kept on repeating the same thing as I started to hit my head with my hand trying to remember the thing I forgot.

Jihyo's POV

I was talking to Mina about Chaeyoung but suddenly, I heard Chaeyoung shouted in his room. I rushed up stairs to see him hitting his head. I told Mina to stay outside the room.

"CHAEYOUNG STOP.." I shouted but he kept on hittjng his head.

I went to him as I grab his hand to stop him from hurting himself. He bowing his head down, his shoulder was trembling and I saw tears drip on the bed. He looked up as I saw him crying, I pulled him into a hug.

"Noona, why is everyong blaming me for not remembering Mina?? I tried my best..But nothing is coming out. I know I hurt her thats why I wanna remember how I treated her last time..Now, my brothers don't even wanna talk to me now. I really tried my best. But...Just........Nothing. " Chaeyoung said while crying.

"Its okay..You'll remember it soon okay??" I said as I wiped his tears.

"Noona, I wanna meet Mina..I know she might not want to meet me but I really want her to help me remember everything. " Chaeyoung said as he calmed down.

"Okay..I will text Mina later to tell her okay? Now you rest.. " I said as I went out of his room.

"You heard what he said right??" I said to Mina

"Yess...He must be having a hard him.." Mina said.

Chaeyoung's POV

I came out of my room to tell Noona something.

"Noona, can u tell her to meet - " I was cut off when I saw Mina with Jihyo.

"When were you here??" I asked her

"Right after you came back..She came here. " Noona said

'That means she heard you, you stupid..' I said to myself

"You probably heard it..But can you help me remember everything tmr?? I really need your help.. If its okay, let meet at XXX. " I said as I hung my head low.

"Okay.." I heard Mina said softly..

"Let meet at XXX tmr then..See you tmr.." I said as I flashed a smile.

I ran back to my room to rest like what noona said.

"Ringg ringgg.."My phone rang

"Hello??" I said

"Chaeyoung ah..Are you discharged already??" Yeri said


"Can I visit you??"

"You can visit me at night..I wanna rest now.."

"Okay..See you later. I LOVE YOU..

"Okay.." I said as I hung up the call

End of call

Bambam's POV


"Find out where Chaeyoung will be going these few days and we will continue with our plan." I said to Yeri

"Okay..I will ask him about it.." Yeri said

"After the kidnap, I will give you your pay for working with me..." I said with a smirk

"I finally can have Mina by myself after that..AHAHAHAHAHA.." I continued

"I can have Chaeyoung by myself.." Yeri said


Yeri's POV


I went to visit Chaeyoung.

"Are you okay?? My baby.." I said to Chaeyoung as I hugged him.

"I'm fine." Chaeyoung said as he tried to break the hugged.

"I will be going out tmr.." Chaeyoung said

"With who??" I asked him.

"Mina.."Chaeyoung said

"Where??" I asked him

"Idk..Somewhere to make me remember whatever I had forgotten.." Chaeyoung said with a straight face.

"You are going out with a girl?? I will be jealous you know.." I said as I pout.

"Don't worry..She's just a friend.." Chaeyoung said.

Chaeyoung's POV

When Yeri hugged me, I felt different..I didn't enjoy her skinship like how I do last time. I tried my best to break the hug as I felt uncomfortable.

When I told her I'm going out tmr, she asked me lots of questions. Who?Where? I don't know why but I felt like she don't trust me.. When she say she will be jealous, and when I reply that Mina was just a friend..I felt hurt for some reason.

We talked to each other for a while since its been a while since we talked. She tried to kissed me multiple times but ai avoided them since I don't feel like it.

"Why don't you let me kiss you?" Yeri suddenly asked me

"Nothing..Its just that I'm a little tired.." I said as I force a little smile.

"Ohh...Okay..I will let you rest then.." She said in disappointment.

Yeri's and Bambam's POV


Author's note

Its been a while.
Its been very tiring and busy so I couldn't update.
Sorry for the boring chapter.

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