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Dimitri had yet to return home.

He was at the beach again chasing the solace he needed. Sitting on the sand staring out into the semi-darkness, listening to the crashing of the waves he waited to let the peace wash over him. Dante was quiet and he didn't mind. They were in wolf form, finally. After the panic attack earlier in the day and his refusal to go back to the others, he spent the rest of the day in the forest then the beach when it turned dark.

Looking up to the night sky he silently mapped the stars of the Greek gods and kept watch of the moon. 'This plan. Are you sure?' he asked Dante.

No answer.

'Second thoughts?'

'I... To keep her safe we must do this but...' Dante's voice faltered a sad whimper escaped him.

'I understand, my friend. I understand.'

Dimitri began thinking of his mate out there. Was she tall? Short? Bright blue eyes or dark mysterious ones? Would her smile be one to rival the sun?

They sent out the call earlier today putting their plan in effect. It was a chance they were taking. If their mate was in the same town it will be easier to get the plan done with and if not they will have to be on the lookout for her.

A sharp bark brought him out of his musings. Slowly he turned his head to the newcomer. Dante grew restless. The bark became excited and louder as it drew closer, his body began to get extremely hot and uncomfortable. His heart was racing, the tug was there getting stronger by the second. With the little moonlight, he can see a blur of tan brown fur coming towards him from the woods.


She's here. She was here all along. His heart was racing in anticipation and fear. Can they do it?

Going to all fours, they slowly made their way to her. Goddess above she was majestic. As she drew closer he can see how her eyes shone with happiness. Her brown fur was being rustled by the wind as she ran through the surf looking so beautiful. Excitement with this meeting had him lost in the moment. He ran towards her wanting to have her scent on him, feel her next to him. Playfully he tackled her to the ground, nipping at her neck and paws, licking her face lovingly. His Queen. His beautiful she-wolf. Standing over her with her panting in happiness, her green eyes shining up at him. They reminded him of emeralds. She nuzzled her snout into his neck growling in pleasure. He knew how she felt. Dante whimpered bringing Dimitri back to the plan. Still, over her, he whimpered in sadness. They had to do it. They had to protect her. Having her so close made everything so real. Her paw gently touched their mouth. Leaning into the small gesture made the attachment grow faster.

Huffing harshly to rid themselves of being in the daze, they stepped back and barked at her, commanding her to shift. Her eyes dulled upon the harsh bark, they knew she can see the coldness in their eyes. It was killing them inside to treat her this way, to see the happiness die in her eyes. Dimitri retreated watching through Dante's eyes as their mate came to her feet eyeing them carefully.

'I-I....' This was the first time he heard Dante so unsure of himself and he knew why. Again they barked at her to shift forcing the harshness in the command. She whimpered keeping her head low as she took a step back. Their heart ached to see the confusion and disappointment in her eyes.

Before them, the large tan she-wolf slowly shifted back to her human form. Their breath hitched upon seeing the flawless naturally tanned skin showcasing long slender limbs. She stayed in a crouched position, dark bouncing curls brushed her shoulders and blocked her face. Dante barked once more. The scent of honeysuckle and lilies reached them, distracting them for a second. Keeping her in their view, she raised her head and looked at them directly.

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