13. The Grinch

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(Adrianna POV)

I open my eyes and I'm a bit confused until I remember everything that happened. Jack was really upset and I feel really bad about what I did. He was so upset that he canceled Christmas which I didn't even think we were gonna celebrate in the first place.

As I'm laying in bed thinking I hear the door to my room turn. Ohh boy.

"Morning Adrianna" he says while standing by my bed.

"Morning" I respond quietly not really knowing what he's gonna say or do.

"You know we have to talk about what happened yesterday right?" he asks.

"Yeah" I respond dreading what's coming next.

"What you did yesterday was unacceptable and you should know better. You have to stop acting out when things don't go your way. If you would've been patient instead of being a brat you would've found out that the reason I was so busy in my office yesterday was because I was planning some things for Christmas and a bunch of your presents were in my office! So because you don't know how to be a good girl for me I got rid of all the gifts and canceled anything I had planned for Christmas." He says sternly.

I can't help but to start crying because he's right. If I would've just listened then we could be having fun celebrating Christmas with each other.

"I'm sorry baby but something has to happen for you to understand that you can't misbehaving like that when you don't get your way" he says with slight empathy but still a pretty stern tone.

"No you're right. I shouldn't have did what I did. It was wrong and I'm sorry." I wipe my tears with the back of my hand.

Well I guess this year I won't be diving into the Christmas spirit after all. Maybe he'll be okay with us hopefully watching some Christmas movies later at least.

"Now come on go brush your teeth and shower so we can eat some breakfast." He pats my thigh for me to get up.

I nod and make my way to the bathroom.

(Jack's POV)

I wait outside the door for Adrianna to come out. When she gets out she's in the outfit I picked out for her with a towel wrapped around her hair.

"You look adorable princess." I say with a bright smile.

"Thank you daddy" she blushed a bit. I can tell that she was crying in the shower because her eyes are a bit red and puffy. I push my sadness for her to the side.

Come on be strong. Don't let her get break you with those puppy dog eyes. You only have to keep up with this a bit longer.

I pick her up and bring her to her chair in front of her vanity mirror in her princess room. I grab her bedazzled brush and begin to brush out the tangles in her wet hair. I then put in some vanilla scented oil to keep my babygirl's hair smelling nice and looking healthy.

"You ready to go have some breakfast?" I ask her.

"Yeah I'm super hungry." She giggles and starts to make her way downstairs with me following behind her smiling.

(Adrianna POV)

What in the world?!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes. Right in the living room was a big Christmas tree with lights and ornaments all over it. There were even Christmas decorations everywhere else downstairs. When I got closer I even saw a whole bunch of presents underneath the tree.

I turn to Jack with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face.

"I can't believe you tricked me daddy!" I leap onto him and give him a tight hug while crying.

"Yeah I had to baby. I wanted you to understand that what you did was wrong but I couldn't possibly ever take Christmas away from you. While you were sleeping last night I set everything up. That's why I told you not to leave your room." He explains.

"Wow you're amazing. I truly am sorry about how I behaved." I respond.

"I know baby just don't do it again or I won't be so nice next time." He grabs my butt and kisses my forehead and all I can do is blush like a madwomen.

"Yes daddy" I giggle.

"Good girl now let's go open your presents." He grabs my hand and walks me towards the tree.

He hands me box after box and I couldn't stop hugging him. He got me so many beautiful things like bags, shoes, clothes, makeup, and jewelry. He even got me a phone so that I can call him when he's at work and stuff like that. There's one more box left and this one is a little funny shaped. I unwrapped it and it's a stuffed puppy.

I turn around to hug Jack but in his hand is a puppy with a red bow on it.

  I turn around to hug Jack but in his hand is a puppy with a red bow on it

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I immediately start balling like a baby. I can't believe he got me a freaking puppy!

"I'm glad you like it baby. I know sometimes I do actually get busy with work so I wanted to get you something that could keep you company." He hands the puppy to me and kisses my cheek.

"Oh my gosh thank you so much I love it!" I gently hold the puppy scared to hurt it in any way.

"Of course baby it's no problem at all. We can go out and get some things for her later so that she can be nice and comfy in her new home. Do you have any ideas what you're gonna name her?" He asks.

"Ummm I think I wanna name her Daisy" I smile and rub her gently.

"That's a beautiful name honey." Jack smiles

I'm so lucky to have someone like Jack. I feel really bad that I didn't get him anything but I will no matter how much he protests against it.

We spend the rest of the day decorating a gingerbread house, watching Christmas movies cuddling, and playing with Daisy.


I know it's not Christmas anymore but I was to busy enjoying my Christmas to write

I got a lot of great ideas for the next upcoming chapters so look out for those.


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