Chapter 2

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Jeffries left Eden's interrogation room with the taste of her cherry lip balm on his mouth and the feel of her round, young, tight ass on the palms of his hands. A sly smile crept upward on his lips as he sauntered into his office. "Are we holding them, or letting them go?" His wife, Marisol, inquired with a curious tone. Greer shrugged his shoulders, completely unfazed by her presence or her question.

"Letting them go, for now."

"Did they do it?" Again, Greer shrugged his shoulders.

"Possibly. But you know Eden, she thinks that she's got me in the palm of her hand." Marisol stood from Greer's chair. The forty-two-but-looked-thirty-years-old with olive skin, short, dark hair, fetching almond eyes and perfect 'bow' shaped lips flashed her husband a knowing grin. She was completely aware of his sexual relationship with Eden Atkins and it didn't bother her one bit. It was simply a part of his research. Sixes possessed the potential for superior intelligence and hyperawareness of their surroundings, but they were kept ignorant of many aspects of the real world so that they could be contained, controlled, studied, and learned from. Eden had behaved in a precociously beguiling manner more so than the others even when she was a young child. She was fully aware of her beauty, but she often overestimated the power that she had over men. Her belief that she was superior to Jeffries caused her to assume that she was the one in control, the one manipulating him, and that made her all the more easy to manipulate.

"To what end? What would Eden have to gain by killing the Montgomery girl? She wasn't even a Six."

"Ellie enjoyed the girl's company, so Eden resents her. It's not difficult to understand. You know the dynamic between the two. Eden is dominant and Ellie is submissive. If Eden killed Zulia, it would have been in an effort to regain the loyalty and full attention of her inferior twin." 

"So why would you release her?" Jeffries sighed. He loved his wife, but sometimes she forced him to state the obvious. She was a scientist in The Tower as well, she should be able to deduct the logic of his actions without him having to explain. 

"Eden gets off on manipulation, she wouldn't have been satisfied to kill the girl on her own. Besides, she's not the type to dirty herself up." Marisol tilted her head thoughtfully.
"So, she convinced someone else to do it for her." Bingo. Jeffries nodded. 

"She believes that she's smarter than everyone in Beechwood, even the other Sixes. She's not, but still, she's not going to give up the information easily. If she's involved, I'll have to coax it out of her on her own time."

"Or bang it out of her..." Marisol quipped shamelessly. Jeffries couldn't help but chuckle at his wife's sense of humor. How nice it was to have a woman in his life who was far more sophisticated and even-minded than the typical jealous insecure female. 

"One way or another." Jeffries winked playfully and reached for his brief case on his desk. "Time to reunite the Prodigal Sisters and set them free." Marisol reached into the pocket of her white lab coat and pulled out her husband's wedding ring. She dangled it in front of him holding it between her thumb and pointer finger.

"Don't forget to put this back on before you get home tonight," she teased. No resident of Beechwood had any idea that Jeffries was married, or that Marisol even existed. Her involvement in this project was strictly in an observatory capacity. She was Greer's balancing compass, an objective watchful eye to catch what his unintentional bias might miss. There were no secrets between them. Jeffries sidestepped closer to his wife and leaned forward to plant a quick kiss of appreciation on her flawless, smooth cheek. 

"Yeah, yeah," he quipped with a chuckle as he snatched the ring from her and slid it into his coat pocket, a slightly bold and potentially reckless move considering that he was about to interact with Eden again, but he was confident that he could continue to keep his secret from her. "I'll see you at home. Wear something ... tasteful." 

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