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Jack p.o.v

So I never really told anyone this before. Me and Maddie knew each other since I was 7. My parents where in a fight my mom left. My dad blamed me. I ran out and sat on a bench. She came up to me and asked if I was ok. I told her to get away from me. I hurt her. But what she doesn't know is that I was that boy that hurt her when she was 6 years old. I should tell her.

Me: hey Maddie can we talk?

Maddie: sure.

Me: so do you remember that boy you walked up to when you were 6 years old. He was sitting on a bench and he hurt you by pushing you away and telling you off.

Maddie: how do you know about that?

Me: because I was that boy.

Maddie: damn you had a good glowup.

Me: your not mad?

Maddie: of course not we were little kids. Also what happened?

Me: so um....my parents had gotten into a fight and my mom had left and my dad blamed me. That day he beat me until all I saw was black. I woke up in a white room. My dad was taken to jail for 12 years. I had to live with my mom. She cared about me. She actually love me. That day I promised my mom I wouldn't love any one else that I trusted. I broke that promise. Because I love you.

Maddie: Jack I.........wow.....wait?

Me: what?

Maddie: you were 7 years old. You said your dad had 12 years. It's been 12 years does that mean....??

Me: shit.

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