The Open Novella Contest II

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Hello again, writers!

You remember The Open Novella Contest, don't you? That huge contest of long word counts, BIG prizes, and an incredible list of entries?

Did you enter? Wish to enter but couldn't? Been waiting patiently for more news? Or is this the first time you've seen those four words in combination and have no idea what we're going on about?

Well, we have amazing news for you: The Open Novella Contest is back!

The second instalment of this much anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions, available on the OpenNovellaContest profile.

With some exclusive prizes up for grabs for multiple winners, the incentive to master the art of the novella (20k to 40k words), and achievements and spotlight all the way, the Open Novella Contest II (#OpenNovellaContest2019) is the contest to enter, coming January 2019.

So, like the sound of something different? Something challenging? Or got something you've been itching to write? Get yourself over to the OpenNovellaContest profile and discover how you can enter and win BIG!

What is it and how does it work?

This is a contest of long word counts and BIG prizes, including e-books, a sticker collection and personalised feedback on your story! In addition there are banners, reading lists and shout outs galore for all participants.

Sticker - click here

There will be three rounds where you'll be challenged to reach word count milestones.

Round 1 - 2,000 word milestone

Round 2 - 8,000 word milestone

Round 3 - 20,000 word milestone

The writing period will last a total of 12 weeks, from 1st January 2019 to 26th March 2019. This gives you loads of time to write, revise, edit and rewrite.

In each round (each with its own deadline) you will be judged on multiple aspects of your writing, and authors who meet both the word count milestone and cross the winning score threshold will move ahead to the next round.

The highest scoring author in each round will receive an e-book bundle, and everyone who reaches the word count milestone by the deadline will receive a special sticker of achievement, meaning there are prizes at every milestone!

Don't worry, those who don't commence to the next round will still receive an achievement sticker if they hit the word count milestone! You'll be recognised no matter if you move forward or not.

Full guidelines, including the contest schedule, prize line-up and submission details can be found in the Open Novella Contest II book on the OpenNovellaContest  profile page. 

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