Chapter 19

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Christmas break goes by agonizingly slow with my mother talking about her friends and their sons that go to college with me even when I told her I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now. I nearly cried when Taylor agreed to come back to school two days early to ring the new year in with our friends luckily his fraternity just so happened to be throwing this huge New Years Eve party so it didn't take much to convince him. I texted Kelis and Seth to let them both know I was headed back early. Kelis is still stuck with her parents for the next two days but Seth said he would be back by 7:00PM tonight.

We finally make it to the dorms at 5:30PM. After unpacking I take a shower and get dressed, more than ready to ring in the new year. My mom bought me the perfect New Years outfit for Christmas. She called it my 'getting a man' outfit but we're just going to ignore that. It's five minutes until 7:00 by the time I get a chance to even look at myself in my full body mirror. The outfit consists of a gold sequin spaghetti strap top tucked into a black leather skirt with strappy gold stilettos. My red hair is down my back in big bouncy curls, my eyes smoky and dark. Just as I swipe red lipstick across my lips there's a knock at the door.

I pull it open to reveal an adorably sexy Seth. He's dressed in a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and high top black converse.

"Damn, look at you Ryan. Fuck." He growls grabbing my hand and spinning me in a circle.

I laugh stumbling into his chest. "Thanks."

"You ready, Babe?" He asks, running his finger along my jaw.

His deep brown eyes roam all over my face, drop down to my lips lingering there for a moment before jumping back up to my eyes.

"Yes." I reply simply.

"You're not bringing a jacket? It's cold as fuck out there."

It has gotten drastically colder in the last month than it had been previously. I feel like I was running around in shorts almost every day and then the temperature dropped out of no where. A jacket would really clash with my outfit though, looks like I'll be freezing for the sake of fashion.

"No, we won't be outside long." I shrug and follow Seth into the hall.

I slip my dorm key into the pocket of his jeans since I have no pockets and he flashes me a smirk. We make it outside and an array of goosebumps instantly shoot up my body. Holy Jesus it is freezing!

Seth looks over at me as I clutch my arms and tucks me into the front of his open jacket. We have to slowly waddle across the sidewalk all the way to the parking lot where his car sits but we eventually make it.

"Fuck, I should've just texted you and pulled up to the door so the car would be warm." He grumbles starting his car.

I snap my seatbelt on, my fingers practically popsicles by now. He cranks the heat up to the highest setting and slowly pulls out of the parking lot. I immediately press my hands against the vent sighing in relief as the heat defrosts my frozen fingers. Forget fashion, next time I'm wearing a jacket!

Seth glances over at me. "You want my jacket?"

"No, I'm good." I reply with a smile. "Where are we going, frat house? I thought there would be a private party going on tonight."

He nods. "There's definitely a party at the basement but Nix told me not to ever take you back to there, so frat house it is."

He says the words like he doesn't want to admit it. My blood boils and I pull my now warm hands away from the vent dropping them into my lap. Excuse me, but who gives Nixon the right to say where I can and can't go? He is such an asshole, I cannot wait until I get out of his room so I don't ever have to see him again. Why can't he just stay at his apartment? He has a car and it's not that far from school.

"Seriously, Seth? What the hell, he's not my father. He doesn't get to make that decision!"

"Hey, don't yell at me! He's my best friend and if he doesn't want you there then I have to respect that. Fuck Ryan, what else would you want me to do?" He purses his lips, never even glancing over at me.

I huff. "I don't know, maybe tell him it's not your choice or his whether I go back there?" I shake my head. "I get that he's your best friend but I can't stand him."

Seth parallel parks in between two trucks a couple buildings down from the already packed frat house. He unbuckles his seatbelt but doesn't shut the car off. He looks over at me his brown eyes nearly searing through me at the flickering fire behind them.

"You can't stand him but you kissed him?"

His words send a fierce blush up my neck and over my cheeks. Of course he told Seth, why would I have expected him to keep that to himself? Will he believe me if I tell him I'm attracted to Nixon but not emotionally?

"I had been drinking both times, believe me sober Ryan would never kiss Nixon." The words tumble from my mouth without a second thought.

Well technically it's true, both times I had been drinking but did I really have to say sober Ryan would never go there because honestly I'm not sure about that.

Seth licks his lips and nods, looking away before finally shutting the car off. "If you say so."

He's out of the car before I can reply and I groan quietly. Well this night isn't going exactly the way I had expected. I unbuckle my seatbelt and quickly follow Seth out into the cold air. He tucks me inside his jacket just as he had outside my dorm building and we waddle to the frat house.

"You know he's not a bad guy, he's just been through a lot." Seth says, breaking the silence when we're almost to the front door.

So he found out his high school girlfriend was cheating on him? Give me a break. People go through way worse things than that.

"Everyone goes through things but that's not an excuse to be an asshole."

"Okay, Ryan." He sighs.

"Look Seth, we both know we're never going to agree on this so let's drop it and go get drunk."

His lips tilt up into that devious smirk. "Just remember in the morning that it was your idea."

I can't help but laugh. He's right I'm totally going to regret getting drunk in the morning, I always do but I need this tonight.

Seth guides me into the frat house. Apparently headbands are their thing because as soon as we step in the door a guy sticks one in my hair.

Seth pulls me back into his chest and his lips graze my ear as he asks, "What's the chances on me stealing those gold ears, babe?"

His hot breath sends goosebumps down my cold neck and I can't help but shiver. I bite my lip and thank god I wore a non-transferable liquid lipstick tonight as I turn around and wink at him. He wiggles his eyebrows making me laugh and I pull him into the kitchen. Brandon and Spencer are working as bartenders behind the roughed up island. I avoid making eye contact with Spencer and head straight to Brandon.

"Hey Ry Ry, look at you. If your brother see's you in here dressed like that he'll make one of the pledges kick you out of here." He says.

I roll my eyes and shrug. "I'll just go to another party, Brandy. Now give me something strong!"

He smiles and gives me a two finger salute. "Yes ma'am."

"Make that two." Seth says.

Brandon thrusts two red solo cups at us.

Seth taps his against mine. "Bottoms up, babe."

Bottoms up.

Double upload because I felt like it lol So Nixon kisses and tells, hmmm... Think Ryan getting drunk with Seth is a good idea? Happy Friday, hope you guys have a great weekend❤️

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