Superhero origins recap

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Spoiler warning (obviously lol)

Cadell Walker has the worst day of his life. The sudden onset of a rare variation of schizophrenia causes him to hear a bloodthirsty voice inside his head, see terrifying hallucinations and retch from migraines. After a traumatic day of school, Cadell succumbs to a superpowered seizure which results in the death of the two people he holds most dear- his parents.

He is abducted by a mysterious group led by his idol, MMA champion Michael shin who suspiciously happens to be the father of his best friend, Elijah Shin. It is revealed that Cadell's real biological parents died in a catastrophic anomaly known as the frenzy where thousands of people showing schizophrenic symptoms and superhuman abilities caused a mass murder. Cadell's step-parents worked for MI0, a federal agency obsessed with human evolution.

Cadell becomes mute but his close friend Sara Castilla is able to get him to speak. He undergoes treatment in an underground facility called the Dome but after a newfound portal ability exposes him to the streets of south London at night, he decides to fight crime as a vigilante with help from his best friend/ eccentric genius Elijah.

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