The Argument

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Warnings: gore/death and some angst
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You breathed heavily and quickly glanced around. Where is he?! I need to find him. Your chest hurt from your constant hyperventilating. Carefully you wiped a cut that dug into your skin above your eyebrow. As you wiped off the small bloodstain on the back of your hand, you huffed. I wish that I didn't lose him in the battle.

You glanced around in dismay at the piles of carcasses that surrounded you. There were orcs, dwarves and even some elves.

You shuddered. You had seen many casualties in the past, but it always unsettled you when you saw a dead elf, for you were an elf yourself. So many
lives were cut short. Even though there were five armies in this battle, the fight really took its toll on everyone.

Just when you became even more consumed in your thoughts, you heard a few voices. You were about to put your hand on the hilt of your dagger, but then you realized that the voices were familiar. It sounds like Legolas and Thranduil. They sound pretty serious. Your heart started to flutter as you listened to Legolas' light yet masculine voice. You hid behind a large, stone column.

Unknown to others, you were completely enamored with the young prince. Although you had been friends with him, he had never seemed to pick up on your churning feelings. Especially because he is so fond of Tauriel. You sighed. But, if she's who makes him happy, then that's that. I just want him to be happy. Your heart suddenly sunk as you listened in more to the conversation. It sounds as if he is leaving...

"He's known in the wild as Strider. His true name... you must discover for yourself," Thranduil murmured. You peered out stealthily from the stone column. The footsteps of Legolas started to come your way. Before he noticed you, his father started to speak. You quickly slid back behind the column.

"Legolas..." The prince turned. You peeled out from your hiding place.

"Your mother loved you... more than anyone. More than life." Legolas' expression changed. Your heart twisted. Legolas was about to approach his father, but his father gave him an elven salute first. You whipped your head around when you heard footsteps. Shoot, what should I do?! Should I talk to him, or should I leave... I do want to say goodbye...

Something grabbed onto your wrist. You quickly turned, holding back a shout. It was Legolas. At first his expression was hardened, but then it relaxed, along with his grip on your wrist.

"Y/N! I thought that you were someone else!" His face suddenly became more serious. "Why are you here?! Were you... eavesdropping?" You struggled for words, but you had nothing to say.

"You-You're leaving..." you croaked out. Legolas raised his eyebrows, and then frowned, letting go of your wrist.

"It is none of your business, Y/N," he started to turn away.

Rapidly, you grabbed his shoulder to turn him around, "But it is! I thought that we were friends!" The word "friends" was like poison on your tongue.

Legolas paused for a bit, but then boldly responded, "Are we, Y/N? I've lost so many relationships. I don't even know anymore..." You could tell that he was trying not to let his emotions get the best of him. Your heart started to crack. I thought that we were at least friends... He's been such a huge part of my life. But if he doesn't even feel the same, then what's the point? Tears threatened to well up in your eyes. I haven't even told him that I love him. Now he hates me! You quickly whipped your head away before a tiny tear rolled down your cheek.

You heard Legolas sigh. He hesitantly but gently took your chin in his soft yet firm fingers.

"Y/N, I-"

You snapped your head away, and gave him a burning glare, "Don't "Y/N" me. After all I've done for you, you act like I'm no one?!" You were completely enraged. You started to raise your voice, "And now you're leaving! How could you do this?!" At this point, your face was starting to get red, and a couple of tears cascaded down your face.

Legolas looked as if you had completely torn out his heart. He faltered, but then straightened up. You could tell that he was being defensive. Legolas placed a hand on your shoulder. Desperately, you tried not to enjoy his touch, but inside, you savored it. Your breath faltered as he looked into your eyes.

"Y/N, listen-"

You stepped away and forced your anger to take control, "Oh, what now? Are you just going to degrade me even more?"

"I'm not trying to degrade you, Y/N. You know that you're important to me! I'm just... I don't even know," Legolas' last few words faded away. Your heart stirred as he stressfully ran his hands through his hair that was now starting to become untidy due to his desperate and desolate state. His soulful, blue eyes pitifully searched yours. You sighed, and gently placed your hand over his strong arm.

"Here," you started to guide him to a large slab of stone that could be used as a seat. He nodded and followed you. You let go of his arm when you both sat down. Shortly afterwards, you noticed that Legolas almost instinctively took your hand in his. You just barely refrained from gasping at his touch. Goosebumps formed on your skin.

Legolas began speaking, his head nervously turned to the side, "I saw Tauriel with Kili. Kili's dead," Legolas drew a shaky breath before continuing, "It's quite clear that she loved Kili, and it's quite clear that she always will." Legolas somberly looked into your eyes. You bit your lip. He's rather fond of Tauriel... You resisted the urge to frown. I suppose that the rumors are true. I wish that he would still stay, though, and I wish that he would see me in a different way... you started to zone out in your thoughts.

" that's why I'm leaving, or, at least thinking about it." You came out of the realm of your racing thoughts after he finished speaking. Inside, you pondered Legolas' words " least, thinking about it." Is there still hope?
You nodded and straightened up.

He returned the look and nervously continued before confiding I'm You, "Have you ever had unrequited feelings for someone?" You paused and gulped. Your mouth went dry. Mentally, you searched around for the right words. Should I tell him how I really feel? You gulped. Legolas took both of your hands in his. And looked into your e/c eyes. As he gently stroked your knuckles with his thumb, you bit the side of your lip. It's now or never.

"Actually, Legolas, I have..."

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