Chapter 7 Dont Touch Me

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"PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!!!" I yelled. Endeavor walked into the hallway and faced the direction of the principal's office. "Are you even listening?" I yelled quieter. "I'd never imagine that Shota would gamble his son." He muttered. "NANI!?!?! MY FATHER MADE A BET WITH YOU USING ME?!?!?" I yelled. "Shut up and let's just get this over with." He said stopping for a minute. He shifted me onto his shoulder so I was facing the way we were walking. He brought his hand to my head and started petting my head. When he got to my ears he rubbed them ruffly. "Hey stop it." I said with a blush on my face. "My ears are sensitive." I snarled when he didn't stop. He stopped and started walking. We were halfway to the principal's office when he started petting me again. "STOP!!!!" I yelled/whined. I tried moving away from his hand. This had continued till we got to the principal's office. He put me down and unwrapped Dad's scarf and hid it in his costume. Endeavor knocked on the door we waited till we were told to enter. "Hello young Izuku. I called you here to talk about internships. Many tried to give an internship to you but All Might recommended one over all the rest." He stated handing me a paper. "Now you should look that over then head back to class." Principle Nezu said ushering us out. "Pet me on the way back to class and I tear you apart." I snarled coldly. We walked towards class as I felt something barely brush my hair. My head snapped towards Endeavor and saw his hand extended. "You really wanna test me." I said continuing on. We got back to class and I walked in asking Dad, "Hey Dad while I'm gone for my internship will you watch and take care of the pack?" "Sure whatever." "I'M NOT LETTING ALPHA BE ALONE!" Luna screamed. My classmates looked on in confusion. "Fine Luna, you can come with but only you the rest stay." I said.

(Time Skip and I'm sore as fuck)

I walked up to an older looking building. When I knocked on the door it opened and the room reeked of ketchup. I looked around and saw the man I was interning with, Gran Torino, on the floor surrounded by ketchup. "Do you just have a ketchup fetish or something?" I asked looking at Gran Torino. "I'M ALIVE!" He screamed. I covered my ears in pain. "Don't scream like that!" I snapped quickly. Luna, who was behind me, snarled at him. "Let's test your limits." He stated activating his quirk. I whistled the command to hide at Luna which we have been working on for awhile now. She was hesitant but listened as I moved to avoid getting hit. We went back and forth me getting hit and almost hitting Gran Torino. Finally after what seemed like forever I finally hit him and his place was trashed. "Try and clean this up as I go get a new microwave." He stated. He left as I signaled Luna to come out. I tried cleaning the best I could before he got back. Once he got back he made me make him taiyaki. I made sure to put a too large plate in to see his reaction. When he tried to take a bite it was still frozen. I tried to stifle my laughter but couldn't and burst out in laughter as Luna did her version of laughter. He gave me a glare as I rolled on the floor. "Once your done with your little prank you should get some sleep we are heading to another city to train." He stated looking mad.

(Time Skip because I'm tired and sore only had 3 hours of sleep and really pushed limits today in cheer.)

We were on a train heading to the city we were gonna train in. We sat in the train as I stared at Luna. Something smashed into the train causing me to fly into the seat in front of me. Gran Torino jumped at what seemed like a nomu that was the cause of the crash. He pointed at me and said, "Stay put and don't move." I just watched as he chased after the nomu. I checked Luna over before running into the city of chaos. I sniffed the air and found the smell of fire (Obviously), nomus, and the hand and misty villain. Great! I then caught a scent of my classmate Iida but with the scent of the Hero Killer. DAMN IT! I took off running in that direction. I turned abruptly and saw them. I took off and tried to punch the Hero Killer but he dodged. Luna recognised him almost instantly and stood in front of me protectively. "Great we meet again Hero Killer huh." I said with a glare. "Izuku, move before you get involved too much." Hero Killer said watching me carefully. Iida started to rant because I intervened but I mainly ignored him. "I never did learn why you know my name, and no because it is a hero's job to metal with other's business even when unwanted. Luna, take Iida and that Pro Hero to a medic team quick. Get the Pro first he's more hurt. I'll hold Hero Killer off long enough for you to come back and get Iida to safety." I said getting ready to fight. "First you are wanted by villains now you are taking on a person who has kidnapped you before what makes you think the outcome will change" he asked grabbing his sword. "You know you never paid me back for stabbing a hole in my phone." I said watching Luna sneak out with the Pro Hero. My Dad bought me a new phone and I sent my location to Todoroki who was also interning in Hosu other than Iida. (Exactly what happened in the fight because Luna hadn't found a medic team till they almost defeated Hero Killer.) Todoroki helped me to the mouth of the alley we were down as we dragged the Hero Killer along. Gran Torino was jetting by when he notice me. "Aizawa what are you doing off the train!" He yelled. I was gonna explain when his foot meet my face causing me to fall on my butt. A group of heroes ran up to us yelling but stopped when they saw the Hero Killer. We talked and Iida apologized to Todoroki and I for having to take his supposed burden and defeating the Hero Killer. Out of nowhere Gran Torino yelled get down but it only caused me to grab my ears. I felt claws pick me up and dig into my skin. I reached my hand out to Todoroki and tried prying the claw out of my side. A blur passed me and the Hero Killer had paralyzed the nomu. the claws came out from inside my side to a new set of claws grabbing my arm and back. I screamed out in pain at the painful removal of the first claws and the painful stab of the new ones. I tried prying the claw on my arm open but the claw only dug in more. I began to panic when I caught a glimpse at where the nomu was flying to. No no no no no. Not these two NO! I tried using the amount of One for All I could control and got my arm free. I turned to the claw holding my back and pulled on it too. I got it off and started falling but a gate started to open underneath me. I was about to land in the gate when Luna grabbed my shirt and pulled my away. "I'm so sorry Alpha. Your hurt and I wasn't there to protect you."she muttered running with me on her back ,towards the way we came, to escape the villains. "It is not your fault you listened to my command and I was reckless it is my fault." I said trying to find some heroes to get the nomu and villains off their tails. (Haha I made a sucky joke) After what felt like running, dodging, and little attacks here and there we finally reached back to our group that became larger now with that bitch here. I had not energy to insult him out loud but he is still a bitch. Luna tried to lay me down lightly but fail because she can't have limbs that function like a humans. My back hit the ground and I groaned as blood seemed to leave my body fast than before. That Endeavor Bitch and the other Pros were fighting off some Nomus and the two villains. Couple times the villains almost got to where I was laying with a female Pro Hero, Todoroki, Luna, and Iida who were trying to stop some of my bleeding. Now that I think about it I can take a lot more than I could at the USJ. If I was the same as the USJ I would have died already. Thank god I have trained. They managed to get the top half of my hero costume without hurting me much. I winced once they tried moving me up to gain access to my back wound. Iida and Todoroki carefully held me in place as Luna comforted me. The female Pro was behind me so I didn't know what she was doing. I looked at Iida's face as he looked at her. His face turned to one of concern and worry before turning his face blank and looking at me. Someone grabbed my arm that had been clawed and pulled. Todoroki launched up as the Hand villain just about tore me from their arms but stopped by Todoroki's ice. Todoroki then activated his fire getting prepared for a fight. Iida watched carefully incase needing to move me. They started fighting as I felt bandages wrapping on top of my sides and back wounds. Wincing as they tighten around me my face changed to show pain. "Aizawa just hang on we are almost done." Iida replied as the Pro came and kneeled by my injured arm. They started wrapping my arm when all the other Pros and Todoroki came back. Gran Torino jetted next to me and looked mad and worried at the same time. "Hey kid how you feeling?" He asked. "I don't know why you'd ask that I feel completely fine." I said sarcastically and rolling my eyes. I went to get up but started falling back down not even a second later. I wasn't paying attention and Endeavor came up behind me and carefully picked me up. When I saw who it was I was pissed. "Nope Nope NOPE. Put Me The Fuck Down Now." I yelled at Endeavor but he didn't listen. "Hey Endeavor-Bitch are you even listening." I said as he walked in the other direction with me. "Todoroki!!! Come save me from this BITCH!!!!!!!" I yelled madly. Everyone was confused but followed us without saying anything. "Alpha calm down he is just trying to help you." Luna tried. "Nope Nope Nope. Not this Bitch anyone but him." I said back. "Just shut up for once." Endeavor muttered. I started to get tired of exhaustion. "Come on kid just a bit farther just stay awake for a little longer." Gran Torino said seeing my tired eyes. "Hey Luna did you get that Pro to safety fine?" I asked. "Yea but it took a bit to find a medic team that is why I was gone so long." She said getting sad towards the end. "Luna it's not your fault how many times do I have to tell you that." I muttered. Endeavor walked into the ER of the city's hospital and doctors and nurses rushed at us. I was getting looked at while the nurses got a bed for me to lay on. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. As it slipped from my grip I was getting yelled at by the doctors to stay awake. I lost my conscious.

Sorry If this seemed rushed cause it is. I have my competition tomorrow morning and I haven't been getting good sleep and have been working my ass off to prove my spot. My muscles are sore but I'm gonna push myself today and expectaly tomorrow. I also couldn't think of some parts so it took longer than expected. I have practice today at 2:30 to 6 then a team dinner. I am also gonna be heading to bed early cause I have to set up the meet at 7 in the morning! But hope you enjoyed and Adios amigos.

~Alpha Deku

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