Author's Final Word (You don't have to read)

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My name's Logic. Once again I have to thank each and every single reader out there, whether you've stayed here since updating (I'm sure no one has) and reading this fanfiction. I know that there's a lot out there, and this is one of the books you chose to read. Thank you. 

My interests have always been to Fairy Tail. Btw, new season, this book was all planned out before new season tsk tsk. At first, I didn't have a prompt or a plot. This was made known to me by my friend while we were playing Terraria. I had scenes planned out in my head, like Fairy Tail fighting Zeref, Wendy kissing Romeo during the Grand Magic Games, and Rogue fighting Kagura. I knew this was a long way, so I had to do something in between. For a while, I wrote in a journal about the plot. Every chapter was planned out, and so nothing would be confusing like it was at the beginning of the story. (This story is also partially an excuse to my mother to do more work haha...she won't find out will she?) 

I have no words to say for how far this story has grown. I'll continue to write, and I also think that I'm running out of Zervis fanfictions to read (My god I'm obsessed right now) like I'm not even joking, someone give me suggestions to read whether on Wattpad or or archiveofourown because I am REALLY struggling here (haha). 

My point is, I want to make something special. And I think I have. (THINK) I know that this story is not perfect, as its my first, (that's what she said) but I believe I've grown as a writer and the inspiration sparked from this story's given me the experience to maybe try and write some more. (Shorter, of course. And you'll write ever chapter of the book in ADVANCE, SWEETIE.) 

I have ideas of 3 sisters in a magic kingdom during a war. I have ideas of a Zervis fanfiction. I even have the crazy stupid idea to pick up discontinued books and try to fanfiction their fanfiction to see what it would be like. (Is that stealing? I'm pretty sure that's stealing, yo) 

So I hope you enjoyed the story, you can get rid of it in your library now, alright alright. Also, fun fact I noticed the "24k reads" I have in my story at the moment are not literally, 24k people. It's all the reads of the chapter's combined so like it's actually not as many people :P I'm pretty sure it's only a thousand. It's just such a long story XD. (wow lame noooone of us knew that)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that every author says it a lot but thank you. You've helped me grow as a person, and you've also grown my management skills. It's truly wonderful what writing can do. Peace out. (Peace m8)

(PS this is the editor, tyvm, I'm rereading this entire story and editing the entire thing tsk tsk tsk)

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