Chapter Eleven

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Susie Fuego^^

Sammy and Duncan stared in shock. The fact that Susie was alive and standing in front of them wasn't near as surprising as who stood beside her. A boy, their age. A boy they've know ever since year one at BeechWood but never really hung out with him...Carlos  Hernandez.

"You've got to be kidding me." Sammy groaned and glowed his eyes at the newcomers.

"Not kidding." Susie grinned and glew her eyes, they were blue instead of red. Carlos stood beside her and curled up his hand then stretched it out again and claws took the place of his fingernails. There was a type of blue liquid dripping from his nails.

"Uh, what's he?" Duncan asks nervously. He'd opened a side sliding door but hadn't jumped out yet.

"Ever heard of a kanima?" Amber says, the boys had a feeling she wasn't really asking.

"I've read a few urban legends about one. They're said to have special claws that'll temporarily paralize someone from the waist down." Daisy says, standing beside Duncan, ready to jump of out of the van. Sammy bared his fangs and his eyes glew once again.

"It's four against two." Sammy says.

"Three." Amber says, still being held down by Ari. Ari looked at her, cocked her head, and slammed her elbows into Amber's face causing Amber do fall iver unconscious.

"Two." Ari corrects. Susie bared her fangs. Ari returns the favor.

"Daisy, Dunc, go! You two can get hurt worse than us." Sammy screams to his friends, Daisy grabs Duncan's arm and drags him out of the van. They run to the back but are stopped by Carlos.

"You aren't going anywhere." Carlos says.

"Dude! I thought we were friends! You let me borrow your hair gel remember?!" Duncan yelled and Carlos grinned.

"That was before you tried to kill me." Carlos says and cocks his head. "Don't you remember."

"I've never tried to kill you." Duncan shakes his head and pushes Daisy behind him. Then, a moment or realization washed over Duncan. "You were in Carter's pack."

"Ding ding ding!" Carlos grins. "Carter gave me the bite forceably but my body didn't except it. They thought the bite was going to kill me so they left me for dead, but instead it turned me into this. A kanima."

"Look, we aren't here to hurt anybody. We're just trying to stay out of jail." Duncan says and Carlos shrugs.

"I don't have a choice." Carlos says and swipes his claws, striking Duncan's chest and ripping his shirt. Duncan fell over paralized.

"Duncan!" Daisy yells and kneels beside Duncan.

"I'm okay. Just go. Run." Duncan says but before Daisy had a chance to debate whether or not to run, the two heard a gunshot and Carlos yelped, blood pouring from his leg.

"That was a warning shot!" An unfamiliar male's voice yelled.  Duncan couldn't move his head to see the person who'd shot but Daisy stood up.

"Lauren?" Daisy says in awe and stepped over Duncan and runs towards the sound of the gunshot.

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