Authors Note

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Hey guys!

I haven't uploaded recently because I have been given a lot of projects to do over the summer for my GCSE'S and I only have just over two weeks left of the holidays so I've been trying to finish them.

Also I'm running out of ideas for this story and I want to start finishing it off, I want to aim for 70 chapters altogether so that would mean only 15 chapters left.

When I go back to school it will be a lot harder for me to update because of all the school work and I know my depression etc will get worse. So I want to pre write chapters which will take me a while and mean I wont upload until I have finished them all and then upload them once a week. But I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do, I might just continue to write and upload whenever I have them time and ideas.

Sorry this wasn't an update and I hope you've enjoyed this book so far. Thanks for 60k reads and 1K votes, it means a lot and I NEVER anticipated it getting so many since it's the very first fanfic I have EVER written!

I hope to upload again soon but no promises sorry, I hope you all understand <3

I also want to write a 5SOS fanfic but first I want to finish this one and then I'll decide on wether to write one or not, I do have ideas for it but I don't know.

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