Chapter 3

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Chris's POV

Moving back to New York was the best decision of my life. I didn't know how much I had left behind until I returned back. Now that I finally had a decent job in the best law firm in NYC, I hoped it would keep me hooked to the city.

I took a quick shower and got ready for bed. I needed to get out of my parent's house soon. Not that I didn't like it here, but being a 26 year old guy I think it's finally time I have my own apartment. I moved to the window to close it when a movement in the window opposite to mine caught my attention. Music was blasting behind the window and Jasmine was gliding around the room in a crazy dance. I chuckled. I stood there for sometime, trying to grab her attention. Once she turned towards the window, her movements stopped and she looked at me with wide eyes. We stood like that for sometime, just staring down one another when all of a sudden she yelped and ran towards the window, shutting it down.

I fell down on the floor of my room laughing. Jasmine has always been a source of happiness for me. Back when I was in high school, I had so much shit going down in my life I was frustrated all the time. Amidst all these, the only time I was genuinely happy was the time I spent babysitting her. I suddenly remembered something and slightly felt bad for teasing her before coming out of her room, but she was always easy to be messed with. I liked the way her hazel brown eyes would go wide and her mouth slightly parted whenever she would be shocked by something. It was always cute and adorable.

When I was still in New York, often we would chat through the windows. She would ramble on and on about her school, the new video game her Dad bought for her, or how she punched some guy because he pulled her pigtails. Her childish words would always turn around my bad days into good ones. I know people of my age at that time often found that sense of happiness and peace with their friends or girlfriends, but for me, it was always my little Princess. She somehow always knew something was bothering me and would do something to bring a smile on my face.

I lay on my bed with all these thoughts, reminiscing the old times. Within seconds, I fell asleep. It was by far the best sleep I had after I moved out.


It was my first day at work and I was pretty sure I'll be late. I had to get there by 9 and it was already 8:45. Cursing myself I got in my car and backed out of my driveway. Just as I was going to drive away, a small petite form in my rearview mirror caught my attention. I pulled back the car and realised it was Jasmine sitting on the pavement outside her house.

I got out of my car and walked towards her. She was looking at her phone and cursing at something. I cleared my throat to get her attention and she jumped, clutching a hand to her chest. I stiffled my laugh.

"Good morning." I greeted.

She took a deep breath and said, "Good morning. You scared me for a second."

"Waiting for someone?" I asked.

"Yeah. Well you see my bestfriend Violet always drives us to school but she just texted me saying she won't be able to make it today." Her shoulders slumped with disappointment.

"I can drop you off at school." I suggested.

She looked up at me with hope in her eyes. But suddenly her expression changed as she thought of something.

"Won't you be late? I guess it's your first day at work today after moving back. I don't want you to get late because of me. It's okay. You get going, I'll just walk to school. It's not so far anyways." She said and got up, pulling her bag on her shoulder.

Yeah, I would definitely get late, but no way in hell was I going to leave her here.

"No I won't be late." I lied. "Now stop before you say anything and get into the car." I walked back to my car, leaving no room for argument.

I heard Jasmine sigh behind me and then her footsteps followed me. I smiled.

We got into the car and drove off towards her school. There was silence for sometime when I decided to say something.

"Er....last night....well..." God! Why was I stuttering so much?

"Yes?" Even her voice sounded unsure.

I cleared my throat and spoke, "I'm sorry for that remark I made before coming out of your room. It was out of place. I just...I just wanted to see your reaction." We had stopped at the signal and I turned to see her expression.

Her brows were furrowed and she had an adorable look on her face.

"Why would you want to see my reaction?" She asked, confused.

I chuckled. "When you were small, you would always make this adorable expression whenever something would catch you off guard. I just wanted to see if it was still there."

She blushed and looked out of the window. I turned my eyes towards the road and drove forward.

We reached her school in 5 minutes and I parked the car at the entrance.

"Thank you so much. As you can see it was a small drive. I could've just walked. You shouldn't have taken the pain." She said.

"It's never a pain doing something for you Princess." I said truthfully.

She looked down and got out of the car. She walked towards the gate but stopped. She turned around and gave me a dazzling smile before shouting a 'thank you'.

I was caught off guard by that smile. My heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched. I quickly shook my head to get rid of those thoughts. She was a teenager for God's sake! I couldn't have such thoughts about her.

I drove out of the school and towards my office. All the while I couldn't get her beautiful smile out of my mind. It was not at all proper to have such thoughts. I looked at my watch to get away from her thoughts. It did the work. It was 9:05.

I dashed towards my office. But all that time, never once did I regret getting late.

She was always worth it.

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