1 - ♣The plan is formed(i)

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Seeing that everyone was seated and properly settled in, Vivienne then stood up to address her board members.

"Good morning. You all may be surprised as to why I called this emergency meeting..." She started, but was interrupted by Aaron

"Why so formal Viv? Loosen up a bit. Sit down. I mean, there's just seven of us here, including you. No one will know that the boss isn't as strict as she claims to be. Your secret's safe with us" he said with a wink and a smug look, loosening up his tie and putting his two legs on the board table.

He was right of course, and so Viv sat down. Emergency, yes. But not formal. These six guys were her pals. Her best friends. The very souls on which her merchant business thrived upon...grew upon.

Aaron, the outgoing and witty one who could get out of any situation he found himself in, no matter how tough it may be, he was also insanely good at weaponry. He was the one who supplied the weapons they wanted in the organization, no matter the type.

Flick was the very serious one. Rarely smiled, but was the organization's best skilled fighter. He'd been a famous black belt fighter before being recruited by her into the organization. Basically, he was more muscles and lesser mouth.

Nath was the organization's doctor and scientist. He handled the medical aspect of the Vivman organization. Cause in every organization, there had to be a nerd. Except this was a really hot sexy-piece-of-arse one.

Ethan was damn rich, even richer than she, the boss was. He had the connections all around California. He funded so many things in Vivman. Not only that, he was their best strategist. If they were going for an operation, he was the one that decided the moves they were going to make. He was also the one who provided the disguises slash costumes they wore for every operation. So basically, Ethan was one very important player on her team. So important, they sometimes mistook him as the boss even.

Ryan was their computer genius. Their handyman of sorts. He handled the electrical and technical aspect of the team. He was the everyday normal go-to guy. And just like every other everday normal go-to guy in quote, he came with a temper of course. He was like the famous next door neighbour who could help you repair your plumbing, charging nothing more than a cool glass of lemonade.

And there was only one word that could be used to describe Cole. Genius! The guy was a freaking walking encyclopedia. Plus...he was gay.

And these six guys including her, were the people who made the board members of the Vivman agency, one of the best merchant agencies in the whole of the united States. They simply made people's wishes come true. At a price of course. You wanted somebody framed, you wish to become a millionaire in three days time, you wanted rare artifacts stolen, you wanted somebody threatened, you wanted to find a lost person, find the truth about something, name it all. They did it all. But they had rules. They never killed or at least not defenseless, innocent people. For self defense? yes. Murderers? maybe. They could give someone a grave injury, but no, they never outrightly killed. The more challenging an assignment was, the more the excitement was for them.

She was a judge. A federal judge. And at the age of twenty five, one of the youngest federal judge in the whole of USA. How did she get up there so quickly? By working her arse of, of course, but then it does pay to be the child of a Fitzman. The child of the Mr Fitzman who had a multi billion dollar newspaper publishing industry. To the outside world, when people saw her, they saw an innocent looking, kind hearted and brown eyed brunette, who loved to smile, perfect height, perfect shape, perfect size, perfect face, she was the complete protégé at work. But only few people knew she was a deadly weapon. That it was all a ruse. She had the greenest of all eyes, so bright, it was the first thing easily noticed about her and to not draw attention too much to herself, she'd started wearing brown contacts even before she entered law school; so to the outside world, she was brown-eyed but very few people knew she was actually green-eyed. To the outside world, she was a brunette, but in real life, was actually a natural blonde with golden tip hair. The combination of her hair, eyes and face, had been absolutely stunning and simply irrestible and at a young age, she'd been overly flustered by the incessant attention she'd been getting because of her extraordinarily historan-like beauty and wanted desperately to look normal, so she'd uttered her look by dying her hair black and wearing contacts and now, she was glad that her younger self had made that decision all those years ago. The disguise helped out a lot. The merchant...no. Her merchant organization was popular, but no one could effectively put a face and name to the head of the organization.

She was the one in charge of anything that had to do with the law in the organization. If they had issues with it... If they didn't wish to have issues... She was in charge of it all. She had secrets on almost every cop and judge out there, that could jail them for a very long time. The law was practically in her pocket.

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