Carrots in the Cinnamon Rolls

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"Just two cinnamon rolls." Said Harry.

"Of course."

Tateana turned, still on the verge of laughing from excitement, and Harry lead me to the counter where he grabbed a paper cup. "Cute, isn't it?" He said, smirking.

"Yeah, totally." I was still breathing unevenly from all the ancient emotions. We poured ourselves some hot chocolates.

Harry snagged some napkins, then towed me over to the cash.

There'd been three people in line when we came in, now we were second, and one man had sat down a table.

"Thank you, have a nice day. Next?"

"Two cinnamon rolls." Tateana said, grinning and placing the white box on the counter. She leaned against the shelves behind her and just stood there. Staring. Beaming.

"Two hot chocolates?" The lady added. Her name tag said, 'Dorothy'.

Harry nodded, and winked at the girl.

A specific memory surfaced, unwillingly blocking my conciousness. I held my breath...

Harry and I were in line here. He'd looked so good. He wore a blazer and tan chinos, but still. He payed for our pastries and turned, I couldn't resist...I'd kissed him. Just once, quick but full. He'd pulled back smiling.

But no. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes to return to reality. Stuff like that didn't happen now...I shuffled around him so I wouldn't see him the same way as I did so long ago.

"7.24. Credit?" Dorothy took his card.

Harry glanced back at me. "You all right Lou?"

"Yeah, of course." The forced smile was even tougher to muster than in the car.

He poked his fingers into the machine a few times, and handed it back to Dorothy.

"Thank you, have a nice day."

Harry smiled at her. "Thanks, you too." He slipped the box and his drink off the counter, leaving me to grab my own cup.

I caught his second wink to the girl.

He slid into a chair next to the wall. I plopped down in front of him, smiling, battling emotions that made my heart contract unheathily.

"Anything from Liam?" Harry sipped his hot chocolate.

I froze remembering our sick friend for the first time since we left the apartment. "Um...oh..." I fumbled my phone out of my pocket and dropped it on the table. The screen sprang to life.

"Nothing." I answered dismally, as Harry flipped open the box and unwrapped the wax paper.

"Same." He tasted the cinnamon roll, and closed his eyes with delight.

"Any good?"

"A-MAZ-ing." He chuckled, eyes widening.

I laughed softly, taking my own out and trying it.

Harry was right. They were amazing. "Oh my gosh. like heaven in pastry form or something."

Harry smiled and took another sip.

"There must be carrots in the recipe."

And that's when he choked.

He'd laughed, and now I was laughing, and he was sputtering and shaking and still laughing. "That...was very...very good my friend."

I chuckled and held my arms out, as if bowing. "I try. I really do."

Harry balled up his napkin and threw it at me.

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