Carrots in the Cinnamon Rolls

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Harry twisted and turned around the familiar streets, not stopping anywhere I guessed he would. The new place, the old place, the favorite place. No second glance.

Every now and then I would look at him and ask, "Where are we going?" In an exasperated voice. And everytime Harry would just smirk, shake his head and taunt me, "I'm not telling."

The familiar turned to alien, and soon I actually had no idea where we were.

"Almost there..." He muttered with a small smile.

My breath caught. I suddenly recognized the buildings...from a long time ago.

I hid my rapid breathing by turning away, and let my hand brush my fringe to cover my worried eyes.

Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t.

I saw it before we even pulled in, the bakery. Holtom's bakery. And sure enough...I had dangerous memories from here.

A hundred possibilities ran through my mind. I could faint. I might get dizzy. I might just go insane.

Harry slipped smoothly into the parking space on the street. " okay?"

I took an invisible deep breath, and used all my willpower to contort into a plain smile. "Yeah. Totally."

His eyebrows dipped slightly, looking at me warily. "Okay." He opened his door, and I flicked the handle on mine...only to see the front door and feel a wave of emotions. A painful longing in my chest opened up; I froze.

"Wait, Louis," He said, and I twisted my neck, silencing the wash.


"Did you take your pill this morning?" Harry asked, looking genuinely concerned.

"Yeah." I answered, and half a second later I actually registered what he'd asked. And then what he thought it meant. "Yeah, of course."

Harry nodded and looked determined. "Okay."

We turned and stood out of our doors, me trying to keep the freaking-out invisible.

Harry would think i'd never been here. I'd better start acting. "So,'d you find this place?" I asked, trying to seem happy as he strutted up to the door.

"A friend told me. They mentioned the name and...truth be told," He looked at me like he still didn't understand what's happened, "I just really wanted to know more."

I wonder why. (Mental eye roll.) "Have you been?"

Harry smirked at me as he yanked open the door. "Never."

I smiled, feeling the burning in my chest flare. Liar. He doesn't know it...but still.

It was a little wooden bakery. The unique thing about this place was that all the food was displayed on a big long table set just inside the window, and inside the bakery, there was a low, thin, wooden wall that seperated the table from the cash and stuff. The staff would go behind and get you anything you wanted. They had five tiny tables with chairs and a counter with coffee machines.

It was amazing. So cute, so low key, heavenly food.

Harry looked around as he walked in trailing me. The girl behind the wall glanced at us over her shoulder, opened her eyes wide, and spun full around. She was beaming.

"Hello there." Harry greeted, flashing her a big smile. She looked like she might faint. Her name tag said, 'Tateana'.

"Oh hi! Um," She glanced at the strict looking older lady behind the cash. "What can I get for you boys?"

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