What happened?

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Liam's POV:

I woke up, once again in the dark and in so much pain but I won't let it show, so I don't scare Zu anymore than she probably already is. I sat up, well tried too and gave my a eyes a couple minutes to adjust to the dark. When they eventually did I noticed Alex wasn't was where she was when we were knocked, in fact she wasn't even in the room. "Where is she?" Chubs asked as he noticed she was gone. "I don't know but I don't like this," I replied. "Well there goes are chance of escaping," Evie said. Is that seriously what she's thinking of right now? I thought to myself. "SERIOUSLY. ALEX HAS SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED AND THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE THINKING OFF!" I yelled in reply, a little louder than I meant to as I not Zu flinch. "Sorry," I whispered over to the little girl and she gave a small smile in reply since she doesn't talk, we don't really know why and we can't ask her since ya know she doesn't talk. "Sorry but ya know I would like to get out of here before Clancy appears," Evie said. "Did you just Clancy. As in Clancy Grey," Chubs asked. "Yeah, the whole SHFK thing turned out to be a scam. He uses it to get recruits for The League, since it turns out he runs it," Evie said. "This whole time Clancy has been behind this whole THING, behind The League, and you didn't think to tell us last time we crossed paths," I said, thinking, maybe if we knew this whole disaster could've been avoided. "I didn't know he was involved in something this bad. Trust me if I did I would have said something," she replied like we would actually believe her. "And why would we ever trust you. For all we know you could be lying to us, just to save your own ass," Chubs intervened. "Why would I do that?" Evie asked. To save your own ass. I thought to myself. "I don't know. Why do people do anything in this world? Why did the government make the camps? Why did the disease come about? No on knows . The same as we don't know don't know why you would lie to us, as we don't know anything about you," Chubs replied. "I didn't lie to you. I really didn't know that Clancy was working with The League or that the only reason he made The SHFK was to trick innocent kids into joining The League, up in till a few days ago when he came to the mall to see if we would join him. Zach and Jack denied his request and he shot them in the head and well I don't know what happened to Callie," Evie said, her head dropping as he she said that, most likely an attempt at sympathy.

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