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*sips dat lemon water*

Cuz i can

Yes, i ship Eliza and Theodosia (Prevost, not her daughter)

And this is, Game of thrones AU

So if you dont like GoT or smth, dont read it.

I was inspired by song i put out there, Dornishman's wife.

But before we get into it, lemme explain some things.

Ok so Theodosia, is from Dorne (cuz I saw ppl draw her that she has dreadlocks and is darkskinned) and Eliza is from Kings Landing.

And Theo is gon be Martell and Eliza is gon be Lannister.

Now, Lannisters and Martells have deep history of family.

Lannisters killed prince Oberyns' sister (actually big thicc boi™ aka Mountain raped and killed her and her children)

Rest in piece Oberyn

And in this chap imma still keep the original story on, cause i c a n

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And in this chap imma still keep the original story on, cause i c a n.

And lemme remind you that in Dorne, woman and woman (same goes for men) are allowed to be together. Basically all they do is fight and fucc.

Oberny is still our bisexual (or pansexual) God so have respect in that.

I dont think that in Kings Landing is allowed for homosexuality but im gonna keep it that way.

And to make things even intersting, Theo is Burr's paramour (it is a lover for nobleman it can go by secret or smth and paramours are allowed to fucc around with others)

Cuz Eliza is our hOLY SOUL.


Enjoy you holy less biens.


The sun setted already in horizon as they got to finnaly to Dorne.

Eliza looked at sunset as it refllected at sea, making it more beutifull.

She already missed her home.

Her mother, sisters and brothers stayed at Kings Landing.

Only her father took her with her.

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