Chapter 4

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*Mason's POV*

I woke up to somebody screaming my little girls name. I pull her closer to me as the door opens. It was that Clark boy who opened the door. "Hey guys me and John made breakfast if you want some." He leaves closing the door behind him.

I whisper "sweetie it's time to eat up for breakfast". She slowly sits up looking at me and rubbing her eyes. I watch her gets off me going to the bathroom. When she comes back I get out of bed and walk with her down stairs.

Half way down the stairs she stop and looks at me. "Who's sweatshirt is this?" She looked up at me with a cute confused look on her face holding out the ends. I start to walk down to her step. "It's mine cutie." I give her a kiss on the cheek and finished walking down stairs.

I went o the kitchen to see that Clark boy pinned against the counter by John. I smirk knowing I wasn't suppose to see it. "What do we have here?" Clark turns in to a tomato when he sees me. Johns eyes widened "don't tell Lolly please I'll do any thing, just please".

I walk to the coffee pot and pour some for my self. "I won't. But your not going to be able to keep it's a secret for long" Johns face go to a look of worry. "I know I'm just scared how Lolly will react." Clark moves closer to him to comfort him.

I turn back to see my baby come down finally she had her hair in two little buns on the top of her head and she was wearing a skirt and a crop top now with my sweat shirt around her waist. I put my coffee down and pull her close up me. She blushed as always.

Her brother and Clark looked at me. If looks could kill I would be 6 feet under right now. She tries to get out of my grasp but I just pull her closer. Staring at them with anger eyes.

They walk out of the room and I turn her around. "So what do you wanna do today baby?"

She looks up tapping her chin. "Brownie beach!" Her brother run in. He shouts "are we going to Brownie beach?" Like five year old.

I look at him angrily behind Lolly so she can't see saying "no we are going" pointing to us. He backs up with his hands up.

"Okay I get it bye dudes"

She slaps my cheats and says " why'd you do that". I smirk and simply say "because I want you to myself." She goes and pours a glass of apple juice for her self and pouts.

"Okay well I'll be right back I have to get some stuff, eat while I'm gone or we aren't going". I say looking back at Lolly pointing my finger at her.

She makes a scared face and quickly gets at plate.


*Lolita's POV*

I get a plate a mason leaves not really wanting him to leave. But he had to get stuff so.

I put 1 pancake on my plate with strawberry's and whipped cream. John walks in and puts another one on my plate, which I pout at.

"You have to start eating more you look like a stick" he said playfully. Hitting the back of my head while going to sit across from me.

I finish up quickly and clean my plate up quickly. I run up stairs tripping on one but caught myself. I rushed to my room and opens my closet to look fo the perfect outfit.

After what seemed like fire ever I found my favorite bathing suit. It was red with white polkadots. I run and get my favorite towel.

I squeal a little bit. I run back down starts and sit at the bar in the kitchen. It was silent except for the sound of the clock on the wall. I suddenly hear a knock on the door.

I automatically bolt to it hoping to see Mason there. I opens the door and don't see any thing. I turn around closing the door when I'm picked up.

I start screaming, crying, and thrashing around. Until they put there hand over my mouth. His voice instantly makes me calmer. As Mason whispers in to my ear sweet thing.

He carries me to the couch, turning me around in his lap so I'm facing him. I look at him with watery eyes and tears still in my face. He wipes them off and hugs me tight.

I stay in his lap not really caring if we go to the beach any more.

"Meanie head" I say to break our long silences. "I'm sorry I didn't know I would scare you that much" he says hugging me closer. He begins to play with my hair.


*Mason's POV*

I hold my girl in my arms. Watching her her face slowly change while she clams down more and more. Once she's back to normal I say "you wanna kiss go swimming at my place?". I already knew the answer but waited for her to say yes to stand up.

She screams "Yes!" and jumps off my lap. I get my stuff and her bag and scream bye to John.

I walk her out to my truck putting our stuff in the back seat. I jump in and look to see her struggling to get in the car.

I run around to her side and help her up in to the car. She smiles and shyly says "thank you". I close her door and run to the other side. Getting my self in and settled.

I pull out of her drive way and just like that we are on our way there.

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