Chapter Fifteen: Under Pressure, Part 1

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HyPN0se's POV: SUB

So... y-yeah, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.

Hi there... my name is Lucas Visser... but you, of course, know me better as HyPN0se. I'm 22, Dutch, and utterly worthless. I have no friends, and I live alone, because I can't trust anyone.

It's nothing, really. You already know by this point that I'm out on a trek to discredit Nimja. Even though I really don't want to discredit Nimja.

What's that?

Oh... I see...

You want to know why I haven't said "ik ben de ultieme alfa" yet...

W-well, the thing is... it's kind of a long story...

Should I tell you?


So it all started the day that I burned down the Rijksmuseum.

Nimja kicked me out of the Van Gogh museum, everyone was saved... it was a pretty great day.

Other than the fact that, you know, the Rijksmuseum was destroyed.

But for me, it was a horrible day.

Because I knew that she'd be coming.

Who is she?


You see...

If I tell you, she's going to come in and she'll be really upset with me...

Are you sure you want to know?

Okay... but I'll tell you a little later.

Anyways... by the time I made it back to my lair in Amsterdam, the news had just gotten out that the Rijksmuseum had been burned down to the ground. And I was utterly horrified staring at the news in front of me on my computer.

Because I knew that I had done it.

I was practically shivering in fear.

"No..." I muttered to myself. "No... no, no, no, no... not the Rijksmuseum... I can't believe I burned down the Rijksmuseum...!"

Tears sprang to my eyes as I looked up at the news. How in the world could I have done it? I hadn't meant to... I didn't want to... and yet... my brain...

Now in tears, I slunk down to the floor and sobbed.

"It's gone... it's all gone..."

In desperation I tried to wipe away my tears, but they wouldn't stop.

"Oh, Nimja..." I muttered. "Why in the world do I have to do this to you? You're my favorite hypnotist in the world... and yet... she... she...!"

I shut my eyes, still utterly horrified by what I had just done to millions of people.

And then— my worst nightmare.

I'd been dreading this moment.

"Jij idiote jongen."

She had come.

In horror, I looked up to find a Mega Mewtwo Y standing in front of me. I could barely move or breathe because of how much she terrified me. She had terrified me since childhood.

And that's saying a lot, since she was the one who gave birth to me.

I shivered, then gulped. Tears of fear were streaming down my face.

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