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Rated R~~~one direction fanfic.

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I woke up in my room, my head spinning, i picked up my pillow and threw it on the ground, then covered my ears becuase it sounded so loud. I walked to my bathroom in my room and grabbed some pain killers and downed them quickly. I looked in the mirror, eh not my best look.

I had some smudged makeup. My long brown straight hair was tangled. My bright green eyes looked, well, they looked drunk. And eh, atleast my body still looks hot. ;) So, as you can see I am a little vain. Sorry but i like to be confident. I dont go saying to people though like "IM SO HOT" I just think in my head I look good. Whateveer.

Anyways, My names, Britney Calder. Oh and if your wondering like Calder as in Eleanor, Louis tomlinson the famous guy in the boybands girlfriend then. yes. My sister is Eleanor. Although, they don't know Eleanor has a sister. We got seperated at birth and I just recently found out we are sisters. I haven't told the girl yet, mainly because she doesnt know who i am. So, a lot is happening in my life. I am a victorias secret model. The main girl, on every poster, or thing in the stores or malls. Thats why some people recognize me. I am also the playboy ambassador. I am extremely rich, because when mom left with Eleanor and dad passed away a little after, i began working, and earning money. I had all dads left over money, which was alot. So i am very wealthy.

So my description, I have long straight brown hair, down to my butt. And then bright green eyes. One of my favorite things about me. I got my eyes from Dad. I have a model figure, which is like Eleanor. But I have a large chest and big butt. I model for Victorias Secret, ofcourse thats my shape. I am skinny but have curves. I have my belly button pierced, and my ears. Obvi. And I am currently single, and always ready to mingle. I go clubbing and get drunk. What can i say? Im a teenager.

Now back to life

I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower. I started singing. I got my voice from Mom, except I didnt like singing to much, since It reminded me of the mom, that abandoned me. I started singing " said Im so sick of love songs, so tired of tears. Said im so done with wishing" I kept going and eventually my hands turned to prunes so i got out of the shower. I wrapped my towel around my body and exited the bathroom. I need to pick a classy but cute outfit. Today was the day I try to talk to my long lost sister, Eleanor. I walked into my walk in closet and looked through the clothes. Since we are in LA, which is currenty where One Direction and Eleanor and Danielle, just moved to, i need some clothes for warm weather.

I chose to wear a white laced strapless shirt and some white and blue bleached shorts. I wore with that light blue heels. I put on for makeup some light blush, a little white eyeliner, a light amount of baby blue eye shadow, and mascara. Then nude lips lipstick. My makeup ended looking very professional, but im a model, so thats normal. I grabbed my phone, wallet, keys, a juicy couture bag, my aviators and walked out the door.

Since i went to the place where you can find a family member and showed them the birth cerificate, i know where eleanors hotel, and what room shes in.

I drove my purple lamborhini aventador and drove up to the hotel. My car sped in to the hotel parking lot. Screaming girls were there held behind bars. LOL. Like jail. I got out of my car and screaming stopped. I felt all eyes on me. I took my sunglasses off held them in my hand then flipped my hair and stuck them on top of my hair. I walked past the girls.

I got off the elevator, butterflies of being nervous in my stomach. I walked down looking at all the doors. 204. 205. 206. there it was. 207. I walked up and knocked on the door. All of a sudden it opened and my sisters face popped up. She was gorgeous. "Hello? " She asked. "Hi, um, i have a lot to talk about, can i come in, i promise im no crazed fan. You will understand once i tell you everything." I said, my voice serious. She hesitated then nodded and opened the door wider. I walked in. It was clean. "Okay, lets sit, and ill talk?" I asked. "Sure" She said. We sat on the couches her across from me.

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