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the death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her


Ms Agnes Squire was positively delighted upon hearing that, after an almost half-decade hiatus, her orphanage (under the new title 'care home') was going to be reopened under government funding, for the four Mitchell children.

The end of the war was a relief for her. Firstly, she wouldn't have to worry about visiting Diagon Alley, which was all but extinct during the period, she had grown tired of having to order books through the abysmal owl service from Flourish and Blotts. Secondly, her favourite youth witch (one who enhanced the appearance of old witches, in order to make them appear younger), had gotten herself caught up in the war and was unable to commit to aiding her. Agnes saw no suitable replacement and was beyond ecstatic to start looking younger again, as her face wasn't going to look young itself.

 However, beyond superficialities, the one thing she hoped for the most post-war contrasted starkly from what one would expect.


It was her way of life. It wasn't a vocation but a business. But like any business, it saturated at times, but she knew there would be a resurgence upon the conclusion of the war. She knew that she could revert to her ways and raise the next generation of wizards, whilst living as glamorously as she could with the funds for the home.

Needless to say, she was devastated when 'that irritant', known to the wider public, as Albus Dumbledore put the catalyst of peace, Harry Potter, into the care of Muggles. When Agnes heard of his parents' deaths in the struggle, she sent an owl to the ministry expressing her interest. To her dismay, arrangements had already been made for the boy. A correlating situation was that of the Longbottoms. Parents tortured into nothingness, their boy Neville was left needing a home. Sadly for Agnes, his grandmother was able and ready to look after him.

Months after the war, Agnes had borderline accepted the fact that her fantasy wasn't going to return. Her golden age wasn't going to emerge again. Her orphanage was going to close.

At its peak, the orphanage had twenty residents. She wasn't sure why Lord Voldemort was proclaimed the most deadly wizard of the century, evidently, people couldn't remember the times of Grindlewald. She could and wouldn't forget the reign of terror that spread throughout Europe. Then Albus Dumbledore had to end the war, and her orphans and money evaporated after a decade with them.

After that generation left, she had to deal with either those abandoned by their parents upon the revelation of being magical or a tragedy. Both of which were rarities. Agnes dealt with lovebirds Oscar Mitchell and Prina Adhani for six years and kept the Benson siblings Emma and Elijah until they turned thirteen and got fostered. Since then, orphans started to come and go quicker than Agnes' wrinkles, and when no orphans came during or immediately after the war, Agnes was readying herself to move on.

But she was yet to hear about the Mitchells.

Not her original Mitchells, them being Oscar and Prina but their children; Maya, Saffron, Rachel and Rowan.

"The twits are going to make me move too!" Agnes sipped her boiling hot tea from her fine china. It was a damp October morning and Agnes sat in her furnished dining room with her best friend Josephine. Their friendship was built on gossip and Josephine was in for a treat as Agnes told her about how solicitors were planning on stripping Agnes of her orphanage. She had lived in it since her last child left and had been praying ever since that another child would soon join. "I got the letter last night. The cheek of them! I can't help but wonder if they've forgotten my tireless efforts throughout and after Grindelwald's era? Do they know who I am?"

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