seven: boys

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Now this was a whole new level of nervous.

Of course, as if just to torture Jimin, Yoongi claimed he had to "step away from his phone" right after that little message of his, and he never returned to elaborate. And so Jimin was left to suffer as his heart dropped and his mind spun into a panic.

" 'We're gonna talk about boys' ??"

It sounded like such a teenage-girl thing to say, something he probably heard his sister Eunjin say at some point to her friend, who Jimin wouldn't doubt had been intimidated by both his and Jihyun's outward demeanor—the two brothers were nothing like their kind, sweet little sister.

But all that was irrelevant. The point is, those five little words of Yoongi's were giving Jimin serious anxiety. And the fact that Yoongi said, without even asking, that this would happen at his house didn't help ease that anxiety.

It was too much, too sudden. Jimin had only ever been to Namjoon's house before, and sure, he was a boy, but that was so much different. Namjoon was straight, and Jimin's best friend, who he was comfortable around. And Jimin didn't like him.

He didn't like Yoongi either but the butterflies still tried to eat at his stomach. And they must have been hungry because Jimin was starting to feel sick again.

It was only to be expected. Having gone from believing he was fooling everyone with his "tough, straight guy" act to being asked to hang out with the boy he'd spent so long bullying, to talk about the one thing Jimin had avoided most, and that he had never talked about with anyone, not even himself.... was a lot to take in, to be brief.

And it certainly took its time dwelling on poor Jimin's restless mind.

Jimin went to school the next day already knowing he wouldn't be able to focus. And he was right. Even on the walk to school, his brain kept reminding him of Yoongi's text message and did all that it could to keep that sickness in Jimin's gut.

It was stupid. He hated it. Why did he have to make this such a big deal? Because it is a big deal, his conscience told him, you're taking steps forward.

Yeah, towards the pastel boy's house, he shouted back at it. Oh, my gosh, I'm losing my mind.

His lack of focus earned him several stern warnings from his teachers, as well as more concerned comments from his friend that weren't at all helpful.

"You're back to looking seasick on dry land, ChimChim." Jimin pouted at him and Namjoon laughed. "What happened this time?"

"Nothing," Jimin blurted. "Nothing, and it's none of your business."

" 'It's none of your business' implies that there is something."

"Don't you have someone else to bother??"

"Not really." Namjoon shrugged. "Well, I mean I could go over and join Yoongi and his friends agai-"


"Pfft. Okay, so what is it, then?" He put his elbows up on the table and fluttered his eyelashes. Jimin glared at him, but unfortunately couldn't maintain that glare for long as his mind drifted momentarily and softened his tone.

"He...invited me over his house."

"Okay, no, but really-"

"Do you want me to show you the text?"

Namjoon was nonplussed. For starters, he didn't expect Jimin to actually tell him what was up, and secondly the answer he received was not at all what he thought he'd hear. He knew it had to do with the pastel boy, but this just seemed absurd, given the boy's and Jimin's history.

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