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Mary's POV

I sit in my room laying next to him . I sit next to him feeling resentment. I haven't tried to forgive. Tears slowly fall down my face as I betray August. I don't want this . I don't want him here . I don't want Ethan to make me forget August. He acts like he's better when he really ain't shit .

Look what he did to me been crying for too long what did you do to me? I used to be so strong, but now you took my soul. I'm crying can't stop crying.

I've been defeated in my own battle. He tries to be nice but I neglect him. I need my August back . August always put a smile on my face . He held me close when i was in tears . He held me close in my worst days . He held me close when nobody else understood what was going on . He knew what the struggle was . He knew what not having money was . He knew how to care for me . He always had respect for me even if he was mad at me . Ethan is just a different story .

Ethan doesn't know anything. He didn't live in the trenches . He can't connect to me . He's the reason my life has been spiraling out of control.
He's the reason that me and August couldn't have a baby . When you take so much from someone it's hard to connect with them again. You might as well cut them off .

I heard a knock at the door . I quickly got out of bed to see who it was . I looked through the peep hole and saw Chris, Trey, and Royalty. I quickly opened it .  A big smiled appeared on my face .

"Mommy!" Royalty shouted .

She ran into my arms .

"Hey baby." I kissed her cheek .

I picked her up and let her rest there as I greeted Chris and Trey.

"What's good sis." Trey said and gave me a side hug .

"I missed yo goofy ass ." I said .

"How's my second baby mother doing ." Chris said in a hilarious voice with a smile brighter than the sun .

"Good , good ." He gave me a side hug .

I put Royalty down and let her play with her toys in the bin .  We all made our way to the kitchen .

"You healed up yet , or nah lil mama ?" Chris asked as he looked me up and down searching for medical bands .

"Yeah , I can do everything again without any pain ." I said giving them a big bright smile

"I'm glad because Royalty has been begging to stay with you for a while now ." He chuckled .

"Of course, leave me my babygirl here . I missed her so fucking much ." I chuckled .

"How about you take care of Trey yo baby daddy instead." Trey said with open arms waiting for a hug he wasn't going to receive .

"Man even after all these years , your crush on me still hasn't gone away." I laughed .

"Ma We told you , you was fine since we was 12 ." They both said in unison.

"You're just wifey material babygirl." Chris said as he licked his lips and rubbed his hands together like a classic fuck boy .

"Yes sir !" Trey added .

"You best believe I got that sauce baby boy." I licked my lips and gave them that fuck boy pose .

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