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"Chris get over here, my babies are here." Was the first thing we heard as we stepped out of the car.

I couldn't help but grin as i saw my family rushing towards us and my grin only widened when i saw the bump on Sarah.

I was pulled into a hug by my mom and i had to bend a little. I am only a bit taller than her.

"Oh my baby, you are alright." She said as she started kissing all over my face causing me to giggle.

I pulled back from her and wiped her tears giving her a smile that reassure her that i was fine.

I was soon pulled away from her by Sarah but i couldnt hug her well because of her huge tummy.

"I missed you too aunty. I can see that there is a little munchkin coming tomorrow. Name her after me please."

As soon as i said that, they all stared at me with wide eyes.

I turned around confused "Why is everybody looking at me like that?"

"How do you know the gender?"

"And how do you know she is due tomorrow?"

I chuckled at that "Oh yeah, i can see her, she is ready to pop."

"What else can you do?" Lawrence asked

Before i could answer, i saw my dad running towards us along with Derrick behind him.

"I will answer that later but first.." i stopped half way before running towards my dad screaming "DADDY!"

I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist as he twirled me around. I have missed this old man so much. He hugged me tightly as I buried my face in his neck, I couldn't hold the tears anymore as they slide down my face.

The moment he put me back on my feet, he smacked my head hard enough to make me tumble.

"Ouch, what the hell was that for?" I glared at him as he glared back.

"That is for getting yourself kidnapped, I mean why in the world would you do something like that? Are you insane? Do you know how worried I was? Your mate felt your pain every single day, didn't you think about us before doing something like that?"  He continued to ramble while I was tackled into a tight hug by Uncle Derrick.

I sighed and faced my father before pushing him into the house while smiling at the workers who looked really excited to see me, I've missed the lot of them. My dad continued to stress so I pushed him down in the sofa, you would think it would be my mom who would worry so much.

I sat beside him and took his hand in mine "Dad? I know I wasn't thinking but as a Queen, it is my duty to put my people before me no matter the consequences and I didn't want anything happening to anyone. If I hadn't gone that night, the pack would have been attacked, we might have great warriors but we were celebrating and no one would be focused so I did what I had to."

"You should have let them attack, I know how strong you are, you can't take them down." Dad said and I smiled at him.

"I might be able to take them on my own but I needed answers, the war would be bloody and since I know I can prevent that, I had to get answers. The so called rogue king as he calls himself just needed me to mate with his son so he could be king.

All he wants his power and I am not going to give him that. He knows I'm a Werewolf/witch hybrid but he doesn't know about my vampire side which is an advantage."

"But why didn't you get the answers you needed and come back immediately?" Uncle Derrick asked.

I shrugged "The rogue decided to keep me there so his boys can have their fun in torturing me. He wanted me to break so his son could have his way with me but I kept annoying them with laughter that they left me alone." At my statement, Grayson tightened his hold on my waist with tense body.

'You know I'm fine Gray, it's gonna take more than a little scrawny guards to bring me down.' I said to him in our bond link as I kept looking at my family.

Ever since I got back, he has been really clingy as if I would disappear again without him knowing.

"Ok we have some weeks to plan but now, we celebrate, my princess is finally back home after so long." Mom said "Donald, get the drinks."

I couldn't help but grin, now that's my mother.

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