"Just tell her!"

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I woke up and checked my phone '11.00a.m' I looked around to find Lauren still asleep. I quietly get up trying not to kick her in the face, I open the door quietly, walking out and shutting it quietly behind me, I go to the bathroom before walking downstairs, I'm greeted in the kitchen by Ashton. "Hey babe" he greets me smiling."morning" I say smiling back at him. "Anything I can get for you?" he asks kindly."umm I'll have a cuppa tea if thats alright with you?" I ask giggling at what I said. "The way you Brits say cuppa tea instead of cup of tea is so cute anyway sounds good of course, how'd ya like it?" he asks me from the kitchen, giggling. "Milk and two sugars please Mr Irwin." I say smiling at him, waking him laugh then taking a seat on the sofa. soon after Ashton comes in and hands me my drink "Thanks Ash" I say politely. "Welcome babe" he says smiling while taking a seat next to me on the sofa. we both sit in silence for a few minutes before Ashton speaks up."So you've liked 5SOS for a while eh?" he asks looking into my eyes. "aha guessing Lauren told you? yeah loved you guys since you got together....Well since it was Luke on his own." I said laughing knowing Lauren told him. "yeah haha Lauren told me, she's told me a lot about you, nothing bad though don't worry hahaha." he explains taking a sip out of his mug. I just laugh and stand up taking my empty mug to the kitchen. soon enough I hear footsteps walking down the stairs, I don't bother looking who it is I just carry on washing my mug up shortly joined by Ashtons mug. I finish washing up and walk into the living room, I see Harry and Ashton messing around, I stand against the doorframe watching them while smiling, Ash gives me a quick glimpse, smiling at me, I laugh and walk upstairs to see if Laurens awake, I turn the door handle slowly making sure not to make any noise. I walk in the room and shut the door noticing she's awake. "alright sleepyhead?" I joke ruffling her hair knowing she isn't a morning person."was till you just ruffled my hair.. hmmmph" She says pretending to be upset. "awwww is Lauren upset?" I ask like she's a little child. "I heard you and Ash laughing ya know and not gonna lie I think he likes you Ash, he told me he thinks you're beautiful, he even told YOU that." she says looking at me causing me to blush. "he doesn't Lauren aha you're just saying that to make me fangirl" I state."No honestly, last night I saw the look he gave you when he said he loved us." she replies."he was just being friendly." I say, well it is the truth..... anyway he's too busy for a girlfriend, right? I get distracted easily. soon I hear a knock at the door. "come in" I say, Ashton walks in. "hey girls ummm...sorry to disturb you but Lauren mum won't believe me that you two are coming on tour with me, ya know she believes you, could you tell her please?" he asks. "You're the mummy's boy Ash surely you can explain it to her." Lauren states causing me to laugh. "Ummmmmmmmm... No..... No I'm not that's.... Harry, PLEEEEEEEAASE Laureeeeeen?" he asks pleading with puppy eyes. "Ughhhh okay, c'mon Ashleigh." Lauren says giving in to her older brother. We walk downstairs to where Anne was sitting. I grab a drink from the kitchen while Lauren goes to talk to her mum. "Where's Ashleigh?" Anne asks. "oh getting a drink." Lauren explains before carrying on."anyway can me and Ashleigh go on tour with Ashton, he came up with the idea last night, it'll cheer Ashleigh up after everything she's been through." Lauren explains. "Yeah okay *speaks louder so Ashton can hear her* ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN GOT HIS OWN WAY AGAIN." She shouts, I walked in the room laughing before saying thankyou to Anne. "Very Welcome Ashleigh." she replies smiling at me, I know exactly where Ashton got his smile from. Me and Lauren both walk back upstairs to see Ashton sitting on the bed I was sleeping on, smiling and holding my big penguin. "Ummm Ashton why are you smiling at my penguin?" I said really confused. "oh umm... Luke has a penguin exactly the same as this one, he hugs it every night, I'm guessing you do too?" he asks making eye contact with me, I just smile and nod. "yeah, aha yeah I do." Ashton places the penguin back down. I sit down next to him and Lauren sits on her mattress that shes sleeping on. "guessing you heard mum shout up to you then?" Lauren asks looking at Ash smiling. "haha yeaah oh by the way just to let you know,1. Michael does give ALOT of hugs and 2.we might ask you on stage a few times so don't get scared." Ashton explains. "Wait, haven't you met the other boys Lauren?" I ask confused. She just shakes her head. "No, we had to keep it a secret that we're related." Ashton said reminding me of when Lauren told me that. "Oh yeah I remember Lauren telling me that." I state looking at Lauren. "anyway what are we gunna do today, we can't sit here all day can we?" I say looking at Ashton then to Lauren. "Could do, hey be back in a sec." Ashton said standing up and walking out. a minute later he comes back in with his laptop. "Ash why'd you bring that in?" Lauren asked confused, Ashton doesn't answer, he places his laptop on Laurens desk and signs into Skype. "you'll see in a minute, don't be impatient haha." he said calling someone who I couldn't see because of how far away the laptop was from me. after a few rings they answered and my jaw dropped as to who it was, I recognized that bright green hair anywhere. "MIKEEEEEEEEY." Ashton shouts making Michael smile and laugh. "Hey bud.....who are theeey?" Mikey whispers even though we could hear, I just laugh. " This is lauren, my sister, and this Ashleigh, Laurens best friend and also our number 1 fan." Ashton explained smiling. "nice to meet you to beautiful, beautiful girls." Michael says smiling. "Anyway Mikey we're all on Skype because we need to tell ya something..." before Ashton could finish Michael interrupted ."You're leaving the band?" Mikey says pretending to cry. "No no no I'd never leave, you're all like little brothers to me, anyway Lauren and Ashleigh are joining us on tour." Ashton explains to Mikey. "it's in a few days mate? Have you told your mum?" Mikey asks looking confused . "Yeah Lauren told her last night, we'll explain why I suggested the idea when we see ya in a few days mate." Ash said, Michael nodded. Calum walks behind Michael trying to scare him but failing. "Calum Fuck OFF!!"Michael says annoyed, Calum has a pretend sad look on his face before walking off. "Alright I better go, nice talking to ya bud and you two girls." Michael said smiling at us. "Bye Mikeey, oh don't tell them two that Lauren and Ashleigh are going to tour with us." Ashton explains, Michael nods and ends the call. Ashton shuts down his laptop. He looks at me but notices someone standing at the door, he looks at the door. "HARRRRRY MY LITTLE MAAN." Ashton screams running towards his little brother hugging him. "When are you going on tour Ash?" Harry says sadly, tears beginning to fall. "Hey,hey not for a few days, we can all hangout together and enjoy it." Ashton says going down to Harry's height level. "I have a football game tomorrow, can you come and watch me?" Harry asked looking at Ashton then to me and Lauren. "Hey Harry come sit in here, we can talk about what we're going to do for the next few days." Harry nods and sits on the mattress next to Lauren and Ashton sits in his previous spot next to me on the bed. "Ash have you told him that me and Lauren will be going on tour with you?" I ask in a whisper. "Oh no I haven't." he whispers back. he looks at me and nods for permission to tell him. "Hey..er... Harry?" I say to get Harry's attention. "Yeah.." he replies looking at me. "umm... me and Lauren will be going on tour with Ash.... but don't worry, we've asked your mum if you can visit us sometimes and she said yes." I explain easily enough so he understands. "Okay.... but promise me I can visit you guys often." he says standing up. "Of course you can Lil man" Ashton says smiling at Harry. "Oh its 9.00 I better go to bed." Harry says hugging all of us. "Night lil man" Ashton says squeezing Harry tightly. "Night Harry." me and Lauren say at the same time before looking at each other laughing. "Night Ash, night Lauren, night Ashleigh." Harry says opening the door before walking out and shutting it again. "he's so cute." I state smiling at Ashton and Lauren. "Yeah he is, love that lil man." Ashton says smiling back. we must've been looking at each other for a while coz Lauren spoke up. "Oi love birds it's 9.30 who wants to watch a movie downstairs?" Lauren asks, at the same time I go bright red causing Ashton to giggle. "umm yeah alright. Wait ain't mum downstairs?" Ash asks. "Nope, she came up to bed early coz she didnt feel too good." Lauren explains I nod and get off the bed to go to the bathroom. a few minutes later I go to open the bedroom door but hear Ashton and Lauren talking. "Ash, I know you love her, if you didnt you wouldn't keep looking at her. and when we said night to you last night you wouldn't have gone red and smiled at her the way you did. oh and when you two first met yesterday you wouldn't have hugged for so long." Lauren explains, I soon hear Ashton's voice. "uhhh, become a spy will you, ya know last night when I dropped my laptop, yeah I just told Michael that I fell in love with her when I layed my eyes on her and....." I walked in pretending I didnt hear anything. "Hey guys." I said smiling. "So what movie are we gunna watch?" I ask looking at them both. "ummm you can choose if ya want, the DVDs are in the room across the hall." Lauren points and I walk out closing the door. I choose a horror movie. I hear footsteps walking downstairs. it must be them, I begin to follow when I hear their voices. "Just tell her onstage in front of your fans." Lauren said. tell me what? I thought before walking down the stairs. "hey guys I thought we'd watch a horror." I say looking at Ashton knowing he doesn't like horror movies. "Shit! thanks Ashleigh, I'm not gunna sleep tonight." Ashton says laughing before tapping the space next to him. I take a seat, handing Lauren the DVD. The movie begins and Lauren sits next to me.

*about an hour later* the film has nearly finished and I looked over to Ashton to see a pillow covering his face, I pull the pillow away from him. "awww c'mon." he moans causing me to laugh. he pulls me to his chest making me accidentally kick Lauren. "shit sorry Lauren." I say making her look at me and smile. "Awww what's wrong is little Ashton using Ashleigh as a pillow because he's scared?" Lauren says reaching over and pinching Ashton's cheek. Ashton clears his throat."umm.. no, she...she got cold so, I'm warming her up." he says I look at him and laugh making him smile. "riggggght? okayyy?" Lauren says knowing he's lying.

the movie ends and we all head up to bed. we reach Laurens bedroom door. Ashton and Lauren hug. "night Lauren." Ashton says smiling at her. "Night Ash, love you." She says. "love you too." they hug again before Ashton hugged me, after a little while we broke apart. I kissed his cheeked and said."thanks for everything Ash, love you." Ashton went a little red and said. "Welcome Ash, love you too." we hugged again before saying night and walking in our rooms. I sit on "my" bed and grab my penguin smelling him, I noticed he smells like Ashton. "Told you he loves you." Laurens whispers seeming Ashton is in the room next to us. "He doesn't, he's just being friendly." I state."Oh girllll, I'm gonna prove to you that he loves you." Lauren says laughing. "Anyway we better sleep gotta get up at 8am tomorrow ready for Harry's football game, Okay i won't get up at 8 but don't judge me Ash anyway night." Lauren explains, making me giggle. "uhhhhhhhh I'm really not a morning person but its for Harry, of course I will haha.night Lauren." I said turning off the light, cuddling up to my penguin still smelling of Ashton. I close my eyes before hearing a familiar voice from the room next door. it was Mikey's voice. "Mate just tell her." Mikey said. 'Tell who what?' i thought. " I can't Mikey, i just cant." Ashtons voice rings through my ears. "Mate how about if I tell her when you three come on tour?" I hear Mikey's voice again."No me and Lauren came up with the....." I have no idea what was said next, my eyes must've been so heavy that I had fallen into a deep sleep.

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