Chapter 27- The Capture of Iris Lupin

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It had been a week since Barty Jr. was captured. Harry was fine, thank god, and the lot of us were spending our last weekend of the school year in Hogsmeade. We all sat in the Three Broomsticks, chatting happily. I was snuggled into George's side, his arm around my waist, as I listened to the happy chatter of all my friends.

 "Hey, Georgie, I'm gonna step outside for a moment." I said with a yawn.

"Sure you'll be alright?" George asked worriedly.  I stood up slowly.

"Here!  I'll come with." I heard Amy's rhotic accent from behind me.

"Yeah, we'll just be a minute." I told George.  I felt Amy's hand on my shoulder as she helped guide me out the door. I was hit with a breeze of cool air as I exited the pub.

"Amy?  Why d'you follow me?  Really?" I asked, turning to face her. I heard her sigh.

"The real reason? I have a fiend who didn't exactly believe in magic, it's all logic to him, and now he is suspicious of this 'Dark Lord' not to mention you might need some help tonight." She said hurriedly.

"Help?  Why would I need help?" I asked, practically disregarding anything she said prior.

"Too much?  I think I've said too much." She trailed off.  Off in the distance a strange whirring sound like the beating of a dragon's wings echoed in the silence.

"Amy, right now.  What's happening?" I demanded.  I stiffened with the growing fear. "Dammit, Amy, I'm blind! Tell me!"

"Amy!" A male voice suddenly cut through the terse silence. 

"Iris, this is my friend-er." Amy trailed off.

"John Smith.  Doctor John Smith." The male voice supplied.  I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Iris Lupin." I greeted. "Amy says you don't believe in magic Doctor John Smith.  Are you a muggle?" I asked.

"Of sorts." He said.

"A squib then?"

"If you like." He coughed before going on. "Amy told me of your predicament." He said, an almost sing-song tone to his voice.  My blood chilled as I realized he was referring to my blindness.  I shifted uncomfortably. "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to upset you. But I do have something that might help." He paused and I heard him rifle through his pockets. "Small, red, tastes like burnt onions." He said, I felt the glass of  a phial touch my skin and I grasped it gingerly.

"A potion?" I asked. 

"Erm- yes!" He exclaimed. I couldn't help but smile. "Might take a while to take effect though." He informed me.  I popped the cork from the top of the phial and sniffed the air that wafted out.  Burnt onions.  I thought.  I tipped it and the horrible taste flooded over my tongue as the phial emptied.  I shuddered at the taste. 

"Thanks!  Really, I don't know how to repay you." I said, fumbling with the empty glass tube.

"Don't have to repay me!  It's my job.  Helping people!" He exclaimed.  I could just imagine him throwing his arms up to emphasize the point. 

"You're a brilliant man, Doctor." I smiled. "And not too bad for a muggle I might add!" I heard him laugh at my comment.  And then I was slammed into the hard ground.

"Iris!" John and Amy shouted in unison. 

"Confundo!"  My attacker yelled, and I went limp.  I lost my train of thought as the spell took over and wiped any rational thought from my brain.  I listened as John and Amy tried unsuccessfully to fight off my attacker... quickly the world around me faded to black.

I woke up. Slowly at first and then snapped awake all at once. I looked at my surroundings and it only took me a moment to realize where I was. The dungeons of Malfoy Manor. A cold dread engulfed me and I felt my heart pounding helplessly against my ribs. 

"No." I whispered.

That was all I could think.


Tears welled up in my eyes, but I wouldn't let them see me like this.  I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry.  I tried to stand up quickly but was ripped back to the floor by chains around my wrists.  I stared blankly at them, horror creeping into my expression.  When suddenly the realization hit me.

I could see! I could bloody see! 

I sighed when the temporary relief washed over me.  I could see again.  I slumped back against the wall and steadied my breathing.  It was going to be okay.  They wouldn't kill me... would they?  I struggled not go into a fit as I thought of what might happen to me.  No, they wouldn't.  Draco would stop them, or Narcissa couldn't do it, or Bellatrix... No Bellatrix wouldn't have a problem ending my short life.

Then my thoughts drifted to George. I loved him.  Not puppy love either. I realized. Really properly loved him.  That was my breaking point.  A single tear cut through the grime on my cheek.  If I did die here then he would never know.  He would have to carry on without me thinking nothing was ever serious between us.

The thought sickened me.  I would just be a memory, an insignificant memory, and a small one at that.  And Remus?  He would just carry on with Tonks.  I would be forgotten.  My hand settled on the protection charm pendant Tonks had given me.  Oh Tonks... It was such a sweet sentiment, and if there was one thing I needed right now it was protection. 

If I did die would it be so bad?  I didn't belong anywhere, drifting from house to house, guardian to guardian.  I was a leech.  More tears streamed down my cheeks leaving streaks of clean skin amongst the grime that layered the rest of my pale skin.  I buried my head in my hands.  And what about Amy and John?  I hadn't known John, but it would kill me if a stranger had died trying to defend me after curing my blindness.  And what about Amy?  The thought sickened me, John and Amy dead in the village.   I sucked in a deep wavering breath.  It would be my fault.  At this point I was drowning in angst and grief. 

 Once I had cried until I was physically unable to cry any more, I leaned back and stared at the stone wall across from me.  I sniffed and exhaled.  A  metallic click of a door echoed through the dungeons.

Someone was coming. 

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