Crime Is Always More Fun With A Friend

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The head never rules the heart, but just becomes its partner in crime

~ Mignon McLaughlin


She remembered what happened the last time she was in this house.

Devin Schinhold (rest his sinful soul) had tried to kill her.

It had been her own fault really, she shouldn't have let her guard down. V.C. was better than that. But a false sense of security from Jack's presence lulled her into carelessness.

Luckily, this time, she wasn't alone.

Flynn Montgomery strode forward in front of her, pounding on the solid oak door of Emblem Manor.

They couldn't take the same route that V.C. had taken to break into the house the first time.

There was a red hatchback parked in the driveway which could belong to no one else than Slade Emblem. The top of the hood was still warm, the engine in the middle of cooling down.

He couldn't have been there for long.

Hopefully, this encounter with the man went better than the time in the Rinshawn police station when he had fired her.

V.C. jogged up the intricate grey stone steps toward Flynn. He craned his neck to look down on her. The beginnings of a mustache and beard were growing, creating a shadow on his face. He must have forgotten his razor in Uzbekistan. Or was trying out a new look.

It suited him.

He was wearing a pair of navy slacks, a white shirt tucked into the waist. There was no tie hanging around his neck but from the looks of his upturned collar, he had yanked the material off during his car ride.

Reaching up, V.C. adjusted the protruding fabric, smoothing it against the back of his neck. Staring into his eyes, she said, "Flynn, now remember, let's not resort to violence when we can probably just talk our way in. . ."

It's best to be civil.

That would present the best imagine for KingMaker.

It was for the best interest of the company.

Or at least that's what her company lawyer said.

V.C. huffed.

If Arden hadn't been her best friend, she would have fired that woman long ago.

She was always 'advising on legal principalities and constitutions of the law' but really she was just telling V.C. maybe she should think next time before she tried to electrocute a suspect. . .

Just then, the oak door was yanked open with a resounding thud. Slade's handsome features appear, his face passive until he recognized V.C.

"You, you. . .! I told you if I ever saw you again--"

But on second thought, Arden was very competent at dealing with lawsuits. . .

V.C. pushed past Slade into the manor, her shoulder knocking roughly into his. On entrance, she took in the layout. It had changed since the last time she had been in the building.

The 'ghost clothes' which covered the furniture, protecting it from dust had been removed. Moving boxes were stacked around the room with black sharpie letters scribbled on the side.

It seemed Slade Emblem was in the process of removing every one of his father's (and maybe stepmother(s) ) personal belongings.

She hoped he hadn't touched what she need.

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