Human-Eating Anacondas, Ruthless Penguins, and Killer Whales

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"Spies are, by nature and necessity, pathological liars who strive to make their endgames justify their meanness."

~Stewart Stafford


Maybe she was getting rusty.

Either that or old.

Regardless, her blackmailing ways had been less than helpful this time.

The district judge had absolutely refused to co-operate with V.C. to sign a warrant to exhume Pauline Sanchez's body saying 'she wasn't a law enforcement official' and 'had no business showing up unannounced at his house' and 'put that down, young lady! That is a priceless jade artifact

V.C. had left the judge's house in a grumpy mood, a cloud of annoyance hovering over her. It seems that at every twist and turn during this case, she was met with resistance.

And not the kind that flowed through wires.

No, it was almost like someone was purposely pulling the strings to lock her into this circular path with no end in sight.

Standing outside the BleedingHeart Department of Homeland Security, V.C. considered her options. She wasn't quite sure if they would arrest her if she walked through the doors, but they might taze her.

A grimace twisted her features.

She remembered the first time she had been tazed.

She also remembered the first time she had been shot.

Coincidentally, they had both been by the same person. . .

Deciding that the reward outweighed the risk, she ventured inside. The last time she had been through the marble architecture of the lobby, she had been Commander Jacqueline Rhodes.

Now, she was just Dr. V.C. Coldwater, known criminal consort and major risk to national security.

Still impressive, but for all the wrong reasons.

After some haggling with the security guard and refusing to give her name or ID, she was finally allowed entrance.

But only because a certain senior Homeland Security agent vouched for her.

Rounding the corner, V.C. knocked once on the door and entered.

Agent Katherine Sadiq sat behind a glass desk reading a file. A pair of dark-rimmed glasses threatened to slip down her nose as her head moved slightly.

She wore a black blazer with a pair of matching trousers. Behind her, the entire city of BleedingHeart was showcased through a crystal-clear glass window.

Obviously, Homeland wasn't that concerned about snipers. . .

At V.C's entrance, Katherine put down the paper and rose, motioning for V.C. to take a seat.

"Dr. Coldwater. It's nice to see you again. And this time not on our security cameras." She added a wink at the end of her sentence and sat back down. "You weren't completely honest with me the first time we met."

V.C. shrugged and sat down across from Katherine, crossed her legs, one over the other. "Well, if I'm being honest now, for Homeland Security, your security sucks. There are too many points of access and not enough vigilance."

Then she said, "And don't take offense, I'm never honest with anyone. They say it's a character flaw. I say it's one of my best qualities."

She watched as a smile threatened to curl around Agent Sadiq's lips. The woman plucked her glasses off her face and set them down on the desk top.

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