Alastair Legerwood: The Man, The Legend, The Competition

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  "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

~Lewis Carroll 


Bounding with energy (which was unusual for V.C. Coldwater at 7 am on a cold winter morning), she walked past the security guard at the checkpoint outside SuperNova and waved.

He sent her a disinterested look and returned to his attention to his comic book.

It actually turned out for the best that he wasn't taking a good look at her. It was best to flight under the radar, in V.C's humble opinion.

That way they never see her coming. . .

Making her way towards the sidewalk, V.C. craned her neck when she heard the rapid crunching of gravel behind her.

She spotted an athletic man jogging up the path leading to the condominiums. A fitness tracker adorned his wrist and his breath was coming in easy puffs. The front of his shirt was dampened with sweat, forming a darkened triangle on his chest.

He raised a hand and wiped his forehead with it, still retaining his fast pace.

Clearly focused on his pace, the man didn't even notice V.C. standing on the sidewalk, his head bobbing rhythmically to music blaring from his headphones.

In strong, smooth strides, he past her, headed towards the main building.

V.C. followed behind him at a much slower pace. She had already made her opinions on running very clear: that one shouldn't run unless they were being chased.

She watched as he eventually slowed to a brisk walk and then stopped outside SuperNova. He raised two fingers to his carotid artery and took his pulse.

V.C. was impressed.

Not only did his man have the willpower to get up at 7 am this morning, but from the looks of his muscular body, he probably did this every morning.

He reminded her of Jack.

In fact, with the man's dark black hair, matching eyebrows, and fiercely sharp cheekbones, he could have doubled as Jack's brother.

Speaking of Jack, V.C. had tried to call him five times since sneaking out of the car lot with Thomas and yet he didn't answer.

She guessed she could blame the shoddy cell reception that seemed to be an overbearing personality trait at SuperNova.

V.C. watched as the entrance as a woman with fiery red hair exited the building and approached the man. She recognized the woman as Elyn Wilcox, Dr. Robinson' research assistant.

Dressed in the same lab coat that V.C. had last seen her in, she shouldered a messenger bag and secured it across her chest.

Tapping the pseudo-Jack on the back, she flashed him a bright smile when he turned around. He mirrored her expression and embraced her.

Deducing that the man who was currently kissing her was the woman's husband, V.C. meandered over.

She hadn't gotten a real chance to talk to the woman and V.C. felt that she should know more about Dr. Robinson.

Jack had mentioned that his lab and the former Dr. Sanchez' lab were right next to each other. He must have had a clue of what the dead doctor was researching.

Before she could make her presence known, Elyn noticed her.

Releasing her husband, she shot V.C. the same bright smile.

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