Not That I'm Telling You How To Do Your Job

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"All we ever see of stars are their old photographs." ~ Alan Moore


He didn't have time to worry.

Or at least that was the mantra he was repeating in his head over and over again .

Whatever she was doing-- with whoever, was none of his concern at the moment.

Once he finished his current investigation, he would tackle any felonies, misconduct, and overall unruliness that V.C. caused when she was away from his overseeing eye.

Shaking his head, Jack returned to his task.

He was still in the same office that V.C. had left him in-- the dead doctor's.

Dr. Pauline Sanchez.

To be honest, the name sounded very familiar to him. Like he had heard it somewhere else before but he couldn't place it.

It's origin was floating around in his mind and yet he couldn't remember enough to put two and two together.

Sighing to himself, he craned his head back down towards the file he was reading. A kink in his neck and a knot in his back threatened to sway his attention but Commander Jack Rhodes wasn't one to be distracted by the physical restraints of mere pain.

Or so he told himself.

Besides, the file he was reading was too intriguing to stop.

After he had shuffled through the doctor's entire office, he had found a lock-box buried at the bottom of one of her drawers.

Thankful that V.C. wasn't here to see him commit this atrocity and sending a prayer for forgiveness to heaven, Jack slyly picked the lock.

It had been worth the immoral act.

Inside Jack found papers on top of papers of Dr. Sanchez's work.

Remembering his previous conversation with Spencer about Dr. Sanchez, the man had claimed that her work had been purely theoretical.

That it hadn't mattered.

Jack doubted that the government would pay for research that was purely theoretically and couldn't be used in the future.

There had to be at least some sort of experimentation that was useful.

He proved his theory right when he found the draft for a research paper written by Dr. Sanchez.

After all, in the scientific world, it was publish or perish. Even if one worked in a top secret government laboratory that was stationed in the center of a mountain.

Dropping the thick stack of loose-leaf on the desk, Jack started to read the abstract.

"Radioactive decay (also known as nuclear decay, radioactivity or nuclear radiation) is the process by which an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy (in terms of mass in its rest frame) by emitting radiation, such as an alpha particle, beta particle with neutrino. . .'


On the other side of the fence, V.C. staggered through the mud.

On both feet.

Yep, that's right.

She had taken her chances with the landmine and come out on top.

It wasn't a shock though.

She had been in more dangerous situations and survived.

Like that time in Nepal with the seasick psychic. . .

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