Kissing Frogs

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Vincent was finishing up the paperwork when Dominico and Gio walked into his office. He looked up at them before looking back at the contract he's was currently reading. "Is everything good?" He asked without looking back up.

"Of course," Dominico said. He and Gio walked over to the big window that overlooked the club.

"There are a ton of hot girls here tonight," Gio said before whistling.

"Agreed, but that's every night boys," Roco said standing and walking over to look with them.

"Will you idiota's shut up," Vincent barked at them rolling his eyes.

"Brother, you need to get laid," Gio said turning to look at him. Vincent flipped him off before going back to the contract.

Roco walked back to the chair he was sitting in before, "Vince better get ready to settle down. Father may do the same as Grandfather and require that he marry before he takes over."

Vincent started to chuckle, "I don't think so. Not happening. You know that I don't like the dedication rule so I will not be getting married," he leaned back in his chair and looked at his brothers. "I only like Italian women and being with only one for the rest of my life is not my idea of fun," he finished standing up and buttoning his suit jacket. "Let's go have a drink, boys. Before I have to go."

They walked down the stairs and headed towards the bar. As they crossed the club, Joni noticed that the big bad boy was back. She stood up and pointed in the direction of the four men, "Look! He's back," she shouted causing the group to stand up and look down.

Joni turned to look at Rebecca, "what are you waiting for? Go," she pushed her towards the exit of the room. Isaac started walking towards her.

"Come on little sis," let's get this craziness over so I can take my fiancé home. She's had too much to drink I think," he whispered in her ear causing her to laugh and nod her head in agreement.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs Isaac stopped and turned to look at Rebecca, "you don't have to do this really."

She waved her hand around to dismiss him, "it's fine," she said. She was drunk enough that she didn't even see a problem in what she was doing at all. She turned and went straight towards the group of scary looking men. She noticed as she got closer he was really big at least a foot taller than her. How was she going to do this? Stopping right in front of Dom, Rebecca wiggled her pointer finger at him. Dom looked at the guys in his group who in turn all shrugged so he leaned down to her height. Rebecca threw her arms around his neck kissed him right on the mouth.

The whole group of men just stared wide-eyed at her as she giggled and ran back towards Isaac. They turn and head back upstairs.

"Man, what did you do to get that hottie," Roco asked Domenico nudging his shoulder.

Domenico stood there in shock a little blinking his eyes before shrugging with a little smirk. "The ladies love them some Dom," he said. All the guys rolled their eyes and continued on to the bar.

As Vincent followed the guys, he turned and watched Rebecca and Isaac head back up to the VIP section. He found himself smirking at what she had done. There was something about her. He was intrigued. He shook his head and dismissed the thoughts he was having and ordered a drink.

Rebecca and Isaac walked back into the VIP section where their friends were still at and they all started screaming. Rebecca was nearly tackled by Joni and Rosalina. "I can't believe you actually did that," Joni said jumping up and down with excitement.

"Okay, babe. Time to go home," Isaac said wrapping his arm around Joni's waist. Joni turned to look at him with puppy dog eyes and sticking her lip out in a pouting manner. "You have had enough to drink and I have an early morning meeting," he continued before turning to bro hug Tobin really quick.

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