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" So you really are with the president? "
Lisa and Chaeng is walking their way to their room.

" No "

" But she said she's your girlfriend? "

" Yes she did, but i did tell you I'm not interested. I just ride along " that was the longest explanation Chaeng heard from Lisa.

They are now inside their room,

" You can seat beside me if you want? " Chaeng asked shyly which Lisa find cute.

" Sure, where is your seat? "

They settled their things now and waited for their prof.

The day ended well without any hassle.
ChaeLisa are still together walking their way to the gate.

" Where are you riding? " Lisa ask which surprised Chaeng since thiss is the first time Lisa initiated a conversation.

" I take the bus " she replied shyly.

" Come with me, I'll drop you off "

" No Lis, it's too much for today "

Lisa then stop and face Chaeng. She then held Chaengs shoulder.

" I can't let you, you're the vice president and it is getting late " she then continued walking.

" Wait up! "

They got in the parking lot, Lisa opened the door for Chaeng and went inside.

" Let's wait for Miss Kim first. "

" Okay, but why? "

" It's my job to look after Mr. Kim's daughter "

" Oh okay. " the remained silent.

" Chaeng right? " Lisa again started the conversation. The older then just nod.

" You can play music if you wnat to, here's my soundtrack. "

Lisa offered Chaeng a small device.

" Wow! Where did you get this? "

" Just use it " Lisa said dismissing the question.

Chaeng selected a song and played it.

Song: Paper Hearts

" I love this song! " Chaeng said excitedly.

" Me too. "

" Lisa? Do you have to be that serious? "

" Like? "

" Like that? I mean don't you know how to smile? Come here " Rose pulled Lisa towards her closely and held Lisa's cheeks with her both hands.

" This! " she put her thumb both on Lisa's side lips and stretch it to form a smile.

Lisa on the other hand find Rosè's gesture funny, but still doesn't show any emotion since she's not use to it.

She's staring at Chaeng when a loud knocking interrupt their moment.

She the went out to see Jennie.

" Good afternoon Un—nie " she felt awkward calling her boss Unnie.

" What do you think are you doing? " Jennie asked irritably.

" Waiting for you " she sound chill and serious.

" With Miss Park inside the car? That's odd. "

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