Part 1

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Haruto sighed as he looked around him. It was a perfect day of mid-December in Tokyo. The temperature was low and every tree with gold lights filled the alley. Red Christmas lights served as flowers for the park bushes, while a giant Christmas tree complete with decoration stood proudly in the center of the park. Love was in the air as the lone street performer played a soft gentle Christmas melody on his violin for all the couples who couldn't care less about him. He who never had a girlfriend in his sixteen years of life.

"Kyahaha, Takashi you're so naughty!"

Haruto frowned as he watched Takashi's hand got slapped flirtatiously by his new girlfriend. Haruto sighed again. They said no girls, just us, so what's this? He thought as he watched his other friend, Hiro, walked back with a satisfied grin after silently smooching with his own girlfriend not far from them.

"What are they trying to pull?" Haruto whispered when Hiro reached his side. He glanced at both of them. "Did you two bring me here to show off?" If he had a choice, he would have stayed at home when these two came to get him. "You both told me no girls, I thought we will be Christmas shopping!"

"Yeah, we will!" Hiro turned to Takashi.

"Hai, we will," Takashi agreed. "It's just that you first need to find a girl to give a gift for Christmas, no?"

Hiro and Takashi smiled at each other, while Haruto suspiciously back off. "Oh no, you did not."

"Come on, she likes you," Takashi said with a smile.

"And she's a good girl!" Hiro added.

"Yeah, and she's also twice as wide compare to her height!" Haruto tightened his jacket. The cold air seeped through his clothes at the thought of Akemi.

Akemi seemed like a sweet girl when they met at the group blind date that he joined with his friends last Christmas. The only reason he paired up with her was no one else was interested. How could he have guess that even after making it clear to her, she still wanted to date him? And that she would be bothering him every weekend the rest of the year, including this year? She was one of the reasons he can't get closed to other girls.

It was good thing she lives on another town, if not he will probably be suffering from her stalking him every day. His friends just don't seem to get it, that or they plainly enjoyed torturing him.

Haruto don't care if others call him superficial, but he wants a sexy girl. He couldn't imagine himself dating Akemi no matter how hard he tried too.

"I'm going home!" Haruto said and briskly walked away.

"Oh but she's already here," Hiro said.

Haruto looked back and temporarily froze from seeing the girl he has been avoiding to meet.

"Haruto let's go shopping together!" Akemi wave at him as she hopped toward him cheerfully. His eyes automatically locked on the bouncing ring of fat around her abdomen.

"Ah, no thank you!" Haruto dashed off, leaving his laughing friends as they watched him get chased by the girl he promised never to date again.


Haruto lose Akemi and stopped running when he reached the quite part of the park, where even more couple was around. Out of breath he searched the area for an empty bench but found nothing. In the end hechose to walk over to the other side of the bushes where he saw a tree stub. He sat there and took many deep breaths.

He laced his hands in back of his head and leaned a little backward when a teenage couple stood up from the bench behind him.

"Look, I agreed to go with you just because I want my friend to get a date with your friend. So, I think it's time we separate." A blonde girl who speaks Japanese in a foreign accent said to a Japanese boy who's about same tall as her.

"Wait! I want to date you," the boy said. He reached out for the girl's hand then quickly released her when she stared at where he was holding. "I know it's the first day we met but I like you."

"Really?" The girl glanced to Haruto. Haruto looked away and pretended not to care.

"Yes, I really like you Hayley!" The boy repeated excitedly.

The girl smiled sweetly and Haruto who saw it felt his heart skip a beat.

Damn, stop it! She's being confessed to, you idiot! Still he can't help but wish that she would turn the boy down so that he could go after her.

"That's good, we feel the same way!" the girl said.

The boy's face lightened up. Haruto's shoulder dropped. Oh well, nothing bad to wish, he thought standing up while the girl continues to speak.

"It's good because I really like myself too."

Haruto paused from walking away.

"I like myself so much I can't think of anyone else. Who else is better for myself than me?"

"Pfft!" Haruto covered his mouth and sat back on the tree stub before he burst out laughing.

The boy talking to Hayley staggered backward and left after calling her a psycho. When he was completely out of sight, Haruto stood up and approached her. "Hi! Wow, that's one cool way to turn down someone."

Hayley just smiled at Haruto and walked away. He walked after her. "By the way, I'm Haruto."

Hayley just smile at him again and walked faster. He kept up with her speed. "Um, can you join me for a tea?"

Hayley stopped and faced him. "Haruto, give me one good reason why I should go with you?"

"Because in this cold it's good to have something warm and I'll be paying," he answered and grimaced when he looked to the side and caught a familiar figure approaching.


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