The Moment I Found how much I Loved Him <3

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    Chapter 1

This Could not be Happening

'' Honey get ready for school ". " ok ill be ready in a secound " i yelled to my mom while groaning . BEEP BEEP i thought to myself what was that? i checked my computer, i was so happy about wat just happened to me. It was him my crush justin that i think about all the time but why would he be talking to me i thought he didnt even know i was alive. " hey " he typed . i replied with a smiley face :) . Then he said wat r u up 2 . I said nothing getting ready for school . he replied me too it is a bumer  being in school i hate mondays. tru that i said . he said well c u at school samantha . i replied back to him my name is Erica !!!!!!!!! . oh well im srry i was trying to talk to my gf srry for bothering u. oh ok i said. i shut off my computer and layed on my bed and looked at the clock." 7:30 im gonna be late". i rushed to my closet and picked out my colthes and brushed my hair at the same time. i rushed to my car and soon enough i was half way to school and i  felt like i was forgeting something i kept thinking. LIGHTBULB i left my text books at home and they had my homework in them. i just kept driving i didnt care anymore. i got to school i walked into class . Your late Erica said Mr. Ginder . i replied i know . Did u bring ur homework? No i didnt srry. he gasphed in disbelief you always show up early and always have ur homework but i have no choice you have to go to Detentoin mwahahahahhaha. the whole class stared at him. " what a teacher cant be dramatic ". the whole class yelled Noooooooooooooo. ok ok ill just sit down i guess  Mr. Ginder said with embarrasment on his face. then i grabbed my stuff and took a seat.A moment later my bff  kelly grabbed something out of my desk. Erica wat is this. Wat is wat i said. this was sticking out of your desk and ooooooooooooo its in the shape of a heart. wonder who its from i said. OPEN IT kelly said. Who is talking Mr. Ginder said. nice going kelly srry just open it. ok i said 

          Dear Erica,

I have liked you more than a friend for a long time and i dont think u have ever noticed me but i hope you will in the future so this is what i want to say to you your eyes sparkle brigher than the full moon at midnight and your so pretty you make me fant everytime i look at you and i wish i could have the guts to talk to you but i have to admit im a softy for you 

                                                                                                              Your secert lover <3

Wow this guy actually has a soul he makes me feel like im im im. Erica stop talking or your going to be in big troble misey . Srry Mr.Ginder. RING RING !! Ok kids lunch time. i wish he would stop calling us kids i said . i know right kelly replied . mhmmmmm i love taco day kelly said. me too but i like pizza too i said. i looked back and i saw justin talking to the football team again he started to look at me he looked straight at me and winked. kelly did u see that . see wat she replied. justin just winked at me. so he winks at every girl here . do u think the note was from. interupted by kelly no that note was not from justin. but wat if it is i said. kelly reached her hand out and felt my forehead. Are you feeling ok. im feeling fine i said. no i think ur coming down with not possible love tossis. ha ha i said sarcasticly.

Chapter 2

This is the Start of my new Life

I got home after school and checked the mail. There it sat right in front of me, it was mocking me. " My report card "." Ok lets see wat i got".

Name: Erica Shener

Grade: 11th

Class: Mr. Ginder




" OH GREAT mom is going to kill me ". At the corner of my eye i saw another one of those letters this time it wasent a heart it was cupid. " i wonder wat this one says". I opened it up and it said

Dear Erica,

    I finaly have the guts to tell you who i am. so meet me at the gym tommorow after school

                                                                                                               your seceret lover

I have to call kelly she will freak. Ring Ring. " hey Erica "." hey kells bells ". " who are you and wat have you done with Erica". " haha " i said. " so Kelly guess wat". " Wat "? " remember those letters". " how could i forget "," well anyway i got another one and he wants to meet me at the gym tomorrow after school"." can i come with". " sure kelly"." so we just walk into the gym after school and he will be there"." i guess"." Erica this sounds like one of those horror movies"." yeah kind of "." well ill see you tommorow. the next day i was at school, i opened my locker, something fell out of my locker, it was a photo. Kelly walked passed me. kelly i yelled. wat she said. this fell out of my locker. wat is it kelly said. " a photo" . let me see she demanded. i know him kelly said.who is it.

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