Red [Embalmer X Reader]

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I know I should have continued my fic instead of writing another drabble/one-shot, but well...

Hope you'll enjoy this one!

Oh, and I'm taking any requests.


Aesop's PoV

She's like a living porcelain doll everytime I see her. The way she talk, the way she act, it's just, amazing to see. Everyone seemed to like her — I mean, who didn't? Her personality made her like a flame lit up in a room, and moths were attracted, allured into the source of light; including me.

But I hate when other people, rather than me, got close towards her. You could call me an anti-social, but spending a long time as an embalmer took away the supposed-time to socialize with the others. It turned kinda awkward when I joined the others.

But somehow, I managed to talk with _____ one day.

A simple conversation, yet could make my day brightened up.

As time passed, I met her at the Manor's garden, standing there by herself. She seemed to be trapped in her own train of thought, as she observed a bush of purple flower. She noticed my appearance, then smiled, but never tore her eyes from those flowers.

"Pretty, isn't it? They're blooming in early spring." She spoke.

I nodded, as she continued, "but Emma said, they're very poisonous."

"She sure knows a lot about flowers."

"Yeah. I managed to learn about it — well, few things." She giggled, and she turned towards me. She pointed at a flower pot right behind me, which was filled with [favorite flower] blooming over it. "But that's my favorite flower."

I picked a flower that had fallen from its stem, seeing that it was not wilted yet. I put it on her [color] hair, which made a smile onto her face. Her [color] eyes were looking beautiful — mesmerizing, even.

"That's sweet of you, Carl."

She was completely oblivious with my act, so I decided to tell her what I felt. Anxiousness filled my veins, my heart beat faster that it supposed to be, as blood rushing to my head. At last, the words made its way from my mouth:

"I like you."

A silence struck between us for a while, but it felt very long and uncomfortable. Covering her mouth, she backed up, as her eye started to be filled by tears.

"I'm sorry, but... It's just," she stared at me with those glossy, [color] eye, after the silence that filled up the air, "It's just... I can't..." She spoke with a soft, yet hoarse voice.

My heart stopped.

It's not true... right?

But then, I couldn't deny the reality.

I sighed, my chest started to ache. "I-I understand."

In my reflexes, I pulled her towards me, her eyes still puffy from the newly-formed tears.


The hug surprised her a little, but the tension on her body quickly faded. Too dumbfounded, she didn't return the hug, as I expected. I leaned towards her ears, whispering something as I chuckled darkly.

"I'm sorry, but I have to do this."

A knife was pulled from my pocket. Even if she couldn't see there was a smirk curved behind my mask, but she still could see the mischievous glint on my eye. Seeing this, her face changed one hundred and eighty degrees; the smile from her mouth was gone, as she struggled to escape. Without concerning the new terrified expression formed on her face, I stabbed her chest with the knife and let her body fell to the ground. Blood streamed through her chest, her dress now stained with those beautiful red blood.

"Sshh, you're mine now."


" ... "

A body was laying limp in front of me, unmoved inside a black cedar woods coffin. Her sleeping face looked peaceful, as it looked like that there's no burden hanging on her shoulder anymore. Strands of [color] hair covered her pale face in a way that was aesthetically beautiful. Behind of those strands, a thick, well-arched eyelashes set upon the closed eye. Pair of plump, pink lips that was opened slightly matched perfectly with the rose cheeks she had.

Her body was covered with her favourite dress and her favorite flowers. The dress fit perfectly on her body, even the word 'perfect' didn't seem to be enough to describe the doll-alike girl in front of me.

She was sleeping, but won't be awake.

Her chest won't rose and fell back as it should had.

Her [color], gem-like eyes would never be seen again, and would never shine with her soul like it always was.

I moved my hand to give her some make-up, giving as much details I need to keep her looking alive like she was. Red-colored lipstick was enough to put on her lips. I liked it natural; but red lipstick was alluring enough. I placed the lipstick on my bag, then looked into her still body. Slowly, my hand moved, tracing her cheek with my finger, and met with cold sensation throughout my gloved hand. My hand traced her face, then stopped by her jaw.


Leaning closer after I put down my mask, I moved strands of hair that covered her face. My eyes gazed her figure for the last time, before I closed the gap between us. Icy, cold touch of her lips sent a shiver to my spine, but it was an exhilarating feeling. I pulled off, a smirk formed on my face.

Even if I tried my best to keep her looking alive, I couldn't get her soul back.

Although, I could keep her body as mine.

Mine and only.

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