Wolf Pup- The Pack

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I also made him 15 so when he's rescued, he still knows what it means to be human and can understand and speak limited English.

Word Count: 3555

Mitch's P.O.V.

I never remember much of the car crash, all I knew was that I had been unconscious for quite a while and when I awoke, it was dark. The car smelt like death and even though I was only 15 I knew that both my parents and my little brother were dead and there was nothing that I could do about it.

I fled the car into the night, in the forest that we had been driving through before my dad lost control, skidding into a tree at 100 kilometres per hour and completely destroying the car. The forest was dark and scary, trees looming over me and night creatures wandering in the night around me.

That first night I remembered curling up to sleep on the floor, cold wind whistling through the forest and my fears running rampant through my head.

The next morning I wandered deeper into the forest, hungry, thirsty and still very scared. I saw a few animals but other than that there was nothing, only trees and leaves for as far as the eye could see and there was nothing for me to do.

I froze when I heard a pained howl off to the side and went towards the noise with no thought, picking my way through the tumble of leaves and root until I was face to face with a young wolf, trapped under a branch.

The branch was bigger than me, made two times bigger than me, and I knew there was no way the wolf could get out from underneath it. The wolf would starve if I didn't do anything.

I knew there was no way I could lift the branch so I crouched down beside the wolf and gently stretched out my hands, making sure the wolf was okay with me being near it. I then started to digging into the ground around it, pulling the dirt and debris out so the wolf could scramble free.

At first he simply stared at me and then nudged my hand in a friendly gesture, I gently scratched his ears, unsure of what to do. It was a wild animal but it was acting like your average pet dog, friendly and just wanting attention.

I scrambled back when there was a huge growl behind me and I stumbled back, turning around to see a large wolf snarling and growling at me. The young wolf, probably her cub, yipped at her and pushed himself underneath my hand.

And to my surprise she stopped growling nudged me, beginning a long friendship.


I lived with the wolf pack for several years, growing from a child into a young man. They raised me, taught me how to survive in the forests, from the harsh winters all the way through to the burning summers and they gave me the knowledge of the woods.

I watched the cubs grow up around me until most of them eventually left their mother, except for one of the young females who stuck around. I occasionally saw some of the cubs wandering around the forest and they always came up to greet me, even when they started families of their own. One of the females had 3 young pups, who she occasionally got me to babysit when they were young and she had to go out and hunt.

I also liked singing a lot because it made my voice stronger and somehow, it calmed the cubs down because they knew that I was there. I rambled to them in my arguably broken English because I didn't have anywhere to learn more, but I talked to them so I didn't lose my voice completely.

The mother wolf nudged my hand gently and I stood up, two cubs running around my feet. They were only a few months old and she was beginning to teach them to survive, bringing them and me out to hunt for food for the ground.

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