Who's Derek?

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We start off in National City, home of Supergirl. Clark came to visit for a while. They've been out fighting crime all morning.

"Guys, robbery on 6th and Stag!" Alex said over the com.

"We're on it!" Replied Kara. She and Clark were there in the blink of an eye. "Ready?" Kara asked. "Ready." Said Clark. They marched in together. The robber aimed a gun at Kara. She super sped up to him putting her hand over the barrel opening. Bang. He began to run. Clark caught him before he could get out the door. He handed the guy over to the cops.
Then Clark and Kara left the bank and started walking down the alleyway to pick up the clothes they tore off earlier. Mainly because Clark threw off his favorite tie. All of a sudden there was a huge gust of wind. And 3 people were lying on the ground in front of them. "You see that right?" Clark asked Kara. "Yeah, I do see that." She replied.

The 3 people stood up brushing the dirt off of their clothes. "Where are we?" Stiles asked. "I don't know man." Scott replied. "Who are you?" He said, just now noticing the super cousins standing before them. "Who are we? Who are you?" Clark retorted. "No, no, no. We know who you are, but who's she? And why are you wearing that weird outfit? You never wear anything colorful, Derek." Said Cora. "I'm not Derek. I'm Superman and this is my cousin, Supergirl. And again, who are you guys?" Clark asked. Cora turned to Scott and Stiles, "Is he serious?" She asked. "We're your friends. Well, sort of." Replied Scott. "And sister." Cora said. "What? I don't have a sister, she's the closest thing I've got to a sister." He said gesturing to Kara who smiled back at him.

Stiles cocked his head to the side, his jaw dropping, he began jumping up and down in his strange Stiles way, "Wait! I know who they are!" "You do?" Said Cora. "Yeah! I used to read about them in my comic books as a kid! The Adventures of Superman. I had a few Supergirl ones, too!" Stiles said excitedly. "Really? Just as a kid?" Cora said. "Shut up." Stiles replied. "So, you're not a werewolf?" Scott asked. "A what now?" Said Clark confusedly. Stiles replied, "A werewolf, you know, Awooooo-" Cora smacked Stiles on the back of the head. "Stop it or I punch you in the throat next time." "Oh really?" Stiles said sarcastically. "No, maybe I'll just pull out your tongue instead so you can't talk at all." She said smiling at him. "Yeah, well I- you- nevermind." Stiles muttered.

"So, Superman, what's your actual name?" Cora asked. "I don't reveal my identity to most people, unless they're really close t-" Stiles cut Clark off, "Clark Kent, or Kal-El, if we're getting technical." Cora rolled her eyes, "Why do you know that?" "Why don't you?" Stiles responded. "Nice comeback." Cora said sarcastically. "Why is she like this?" Stiles asked Scott. Scott shrugged his shoulders.

"What do you mean we're in comic books? We're actual people. I had comic books as a kid, too. But none of them included me or anyone like me." Clark said. "Seriously, where are we? How did we get here?" Stiles asked Scott. "Dude, I told you I don't know!" Scott said exasperated. "Stiles, can you do us all a favor and just stop talking, you're not helping. At all." Cora said. Stiles opened his mouth as if to say something. But nothing came out, he just threw his hands up in the air. Cora pivoted on her heel to turn back to the Kryptonians. "So, you really don't know me, or them?" She asked Clark. Clark looked over to her and said, "No, I don't I'm sorry."

Cora turned back to the boys and said, "We have to find out how to get back home." "How do we do that?" Scott asked. "Do you guys think you could help us?" Cora asked. "Yeah, I think we can." Clark said smiling at Kara. "Yeah, let's just say, we've dealt with the multiverse once or twice before." Kara said happily. "The multi-what now?" Scott asked. Stiles was staring at them in awe, "Hold up. That theory is an actual thing?!" "What is he talking about?" Cora asked. "The multiverse. All of the earths, an infinite number of them actually, all vibrating at different frequencies. They can't see each other. So there's infinite numbers of all of us. Good, evil, billionaires, nazis, we've seen it all." Kara said. Clark threw her a confused look, "Or, at least I have." She said. Cora shrugged her shoulders, "Alright, what do we do first?"

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