please come home

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/your univers Mommys pov\

I layed down on the bed ____ had been gone for 4 days, I miss her so much.... I hope she's okay. I haven't left my room since she vanished. I would do anything just to see her again. I want my little girl back home. I cried. The door opened and someone came over and hugged me close. It was Lance. I can't eat or sleep or do anything I look terrible. "Keith you need to look after yourself, what would _____ say if she saw you like this? Stay strong we will find her." Lance said. I just cried harder.

   "I should have been closer to her! I should have been looking after her! She's gone and it's all my fault!!!" I cried. Lance held me closer as I sobbed my eyes out. It started to get late I haven't slept in almost 4 days. Lance was still holding me. I was starting to fall aleep but kept waking myself up. I can't sleep well she's gone. My baby girl was gone.... I couldn't stop crying. Lance moved me around abit so we where both laying down. I moved right up against his chest, I just wanted to hear _____ asking for one more chapter before bed, or asking for some water, I miss her so much.

/1 week later, you've been missing for 11 days daddys pov your universe\

  Keith still hasnt slept, well he has maybe like 30 minutes every 2 days, he hasn't eaten anything or left the room in 11 days. This is getting ridiculous! He needs to take care of himself! He lools awful. I'm worried too but- he has gotten so use to her being around 24/7 and then she was just taken away.... but I need to stay strong for Keith. He needs someone here with him, to make sure he doesn't do anything. I walked into our room and keith was on the bed rocking back and forth. I walked over and hugged him. This was his worst fear. From the day he found out we where gonna have _____. He was so scared that something like this would happen, he had nightmares for 6 months straight. I've had had enough of this. He needs to take a shower or bath, and he needs some food. I picked him up.

/after Lance more or less bathes Keith\

Well now that that's done, time to get him some food. I left him in bed so he could rest. He can't even stand. He was so weak. I went to the kitchen, and Hunk was cooking some food. "Hey Hunk? Can I have some food?" I asked.

   "Lance you can wait like the others!" He said.

   "It's not for me! It's for Keith. He hasn't eaten in 11 days he can't even stand. Please? Can I just get something for him to eat?" I begged. Hunk gave some food for Keith. I took it and ran to our room. Keith was barly there, he was just staring at the wall.

  "Keith, I have some food for you." I said, he looked at me.

   "I'm not hungry." Was all he said.

  "Keith it's been more then a week! Just take a few bites!" I pleaded, he gave in and took 3 bites and went to sleep. I pulled the covers over him and went to leave. The was a tug on my shirt, I looked down at keith who looked at me tears in his violet eyes as if pleading with me not to leave him. I curled into the bed beside him and he curled up right agains me. He almost immediately fell asleep. I can't belive how week he's gotten. He can't stand without help, he's getting sicker by the day. My husband looks like he's literally dying and my daughter is missing. Can this get any worse?!

God if your real, please, just help me find my daughter and help my family.

/1 week later you've been gone for 18 days\

Keith was looking better he could stand for a little bit but then he would fall. "LANCE AND KEITH DECK NOW!!!!" Shiro screamed over the radio. I picked Keith up and ran to the bridge.

  "SHIRO WHATS WRONG?!?!" I yelled.

"We found a way to bring ____ home." Shiro said.

   /after a bunch of interdimensional bs there in the universe yout in YAY mommys pov\

Lance carried me cuse I can't walk even If I tried, we fallowed shiro's orders on where she should be. It was my old house- it felt like hours untill we got there. Lance put me down  and my legs where shaking like crazy. He knocked on the door. It opened shortly after, there was a gasp and then ______ yelling "MOMMY!!!! DADDY!!!!!" she ran to us and hugged both of us. My little girl. Started coughing, and lance looked at me worried ______ looked at me concerned as well. I was really tired in 18 days I've maybe slept 7 hours. I've eaten 3 times, and Ive showered twice. 1 week ago and yesterday. I looked like a mess.

  "______?" Was all I asked. She nodded and hugged me. And then I passed out.


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