✿01: prologue✿

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kaycee walked into tmilly studios, a wide smile on her face. but it soon disappeared when her eyes settled on a certain individual. her smile was replaced with a straight face, a glare adorning her hazel eyes. he looked over, seeing her glare. he smirked at her and winked, making her glare even harder. his eyes were full of amusement and kaycee hated it. he was such a horrible person, no wonder no one liked him. well, that's a lie. a lot of people like him, except for kaycee.

kaycee despises sean lew. he thinks it's funny, which infuriates kaycee even more.

one day sean and kaycee strike up a forced conversation, and a single piece of dialogue will change their lives forever.

"i think i can make you fall in love with me." sean spoke, his signature smirks proudly presents on his face.

kaycee glares harshly, the arms crossing over her chest, "i dare you."


welcome to "i dare you" !! i'm super excited for this story and i hope you are too! thank you for choosing this story, i greatly appreciate it :)

love, b

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