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Jack's p.o.v

I really like Maddie and I want her to be my girlfriend. But I also like her twin sister. Her name is Madeline. Her twin sister is hot. This is what Madeline looks like...

 This is what Madeline looks like

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She is just so cute. But Maddie.....but Madeline.....but (the cookies) It's too hard to choose. (hehehe). I can't. I just want this to all be over. I wish I can start over. I wish I can go back to when i first started to become her friend. I wish I could start my life over to where I was 7. Sooner or later my eyes shut because I was tired.

Maddie: hi are you ok??

A girl asked while I sat on a bus bench.

Jack: not really. My parents just got into a fight and my dad blamed me for my mom leaving.

Maddie: I'm so sorry for that. Maybe getting a new friend could help you.

Jack: thank you. You know I'm really sad and you made me happier. But I can't be too happy. I just split my parents apart.

Maddie: it wasn't your fault. It was really your mom and dad's fault because your mom doesn't want an amazing person like you. And your dad is too blind to see that it's his fault for being a jerk.

Jack: thanks....

Maddie: oh my name is Madison but people call me Maddie.

Jack: my name is Jack. You have some wise words Maddie how old are you??

Maddie: I'm 6.

Jack: I'm 7.


Jack: you have to leave so he won't hurt you.

Maddie: I can't leave you.

Jack: please. You can't get hurt.

Maddie: ok.....

Jack: I'll talk to you tomorrow.

I suddenly woke up to Maddie shaking me.

Jack: mmmmmhhhh..

Maddie: Jack get up.

Jack: I don't want to.

Maddie: Jack you've been asleep for 6 days.

Jack: 6 DAYS!!!!

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