Ch. 4: Frozen and Thawed

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"Standring's Christmas Wish", Ch. 4: Frozen and Thawed, December 26, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1200d)

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[As is my custom, I will illustrate my story with myideal cast consisting of (and in order of appearance/mention in these chapters)of: asRalph John Standring, Hayley Atwell as Clara Saunders, and others as noted.

Authors story content and serializing scheduling note: My fan fiction short story here is based on the character of Ralph John Standring from the 2002 British mini-series "Sparkhouse"-with a new story arc. The tone of the chapters will be primarily PG to PG-13-for dramatic moments and/or romantic feelings. If you cannot or will not attend a movie with those ratings, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.

And I will serialize this short story starting Christmas Day, December 25, 2018 with several initial chapter posts, and for a few days following after the Christmas Holiday this year. Please note that Chs. 2 - End will appear solely on my Wattpad site for ease of posting over the holidays. And I will write and serialize my story with daily chapters posts-a little challenge that I set for myself for fun-such as with my 2014 story, "A Magnificent Love", "A Christmas Carol Reimagined" in 2016, and others. And I hope that you enjoy Ralph Standring's holiday story this year.

"Standring's Christmas Wish", Ch. 4: Frozen and Thawed (Post #1200d)

As it turned out, as soon as Clara's older neighbor tenant lady had two hours earlier opened the door to the outside to head out to do some last minute shopping on the Saturday afternoon of December 22nd, she shut the door again and went back upstairs to her apartment. There was no way that she was going out in that blizzard. People die in blizzards. And there was nothing urgent on her shopping list that couldn't wait until the morning.

Conversely two hours later-after spending the afternoon with Clara buying and putting up her holiday decorations--Ralph trudges out of the back of Clara's building to his waiting pickup truck--him ignoring the menacing Winter snow storm blizzard swirling around him, due to his pre-occupation of thinking about him liking Clara, but worrying about trusting her. Ralph starts his truck, but he doesn't bother to let it warm up and defrost his windshield before he starts out. He wants to get back to his Camden Farms' barn loft living space and fire up his small stove for warmth as fast as he can.

But a block down the street--with visibility nil in the darkening afternoon, even at the relatively early hour of 5:00pm--Ralph can't see the road in front of him and he runs off the side of the road and into a ditch. His car was going slowly, so he didn't get hurt. But he curses himself silently for getting stuck. There would be no tow trucks tonight. And the downtown was all shut down by 4pm, nothing is open and there is no one to help him. Yet that thought is not entirely accurate.

The only light that Ralph can see blinking---and that faintly due to the snow--is Clara's Café's neon sign in the entrance doorway. Ralph debates with himself whether he should swallow his pride and trudge back there to Clara's apartment, or if he might freeze to death as he walked there. The radio said that windchill means that the cold air feels like -40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit/Celsius.

So Ralph opts for the greater potential warmth and abandons his truck and goes in search of Clara's building. But he has one more mishap as he slips and crashes against the side of his truck and bangs his arm against the truck bed gate edge. But he can't stop to worry about his arm and just holds it against his side as he trudges back to Clara's building. If the restaurant sign weren't on, Ralph isn't altogether certain that he would have found his way back there--the snow blizzard conditions are that bad. And with no street lights on, Ralph guesses that the power has gone out in town--but for Clara having her backup generator running.

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