4: The Salamander, The Strauss and A new Feline

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Day- 7
Month- July
Year- 777

Y/n had just finished a S-class job alone that required her Water magic. But, instead of taking a path to Magnolia, she decides it'll be quicker to to through the forest since it acts as a shortcut.

That's where she is right now, humming a small tune to herself. It have been 3 years since she and E/n had join the reckless but amusing guild known as Fairy Tail.

She is wearing a black dress that's below her knee. It have a white lining trim and long sleeves.

If your hair is short-- Her hair is left loose and a Dragon clip holds back the right set of her hair back behind her ear while the left is left untouched.

If your hair is long-- Her hair is tied in a ponytail by a Black Dragon clipping. Her hair is covering her ears and parts of her face.

As she walks over rocks and tree stumps, she can hear a faint sound of weeping and cries. Curiously, she stopped her humming and followed the sound of the cries.

She made her way pass bushes and streams until she found herself by a small stream. A boy sat next to it, crying his eyes out.

He have Salmon hair, onyx eyes, and a white scarf. He is wearing a long sleeve red vest it's probably a sweater I'm not sure. And orange pants that stopped right above his knees.

"Leave me alone." The boy murmured as he wipe his tears, not sparing a glance at her.

Y/n froze and stand her ground. She crossed her arms and stand straight.

"No." She said. Then, his scent broke into her nostrils. Her eyes widen when she realizes what he is. Instead of pointing it however, she stepped next to him and sat next to him.

"Why are you crying?" She asked softly, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You won't believe me if I told you. You'll just think I'm crazy." He mumbled, swatting her hand away.

Y/n kept her patience and rubbed her hand.

"Trust me, I've seen crazy things, this won't be any different." She said, her voice sounding almost monotonous.

"Fine.." He grumbled and sat up straight and turn his he a to her. Staring at her dead in the eye with a serious expression. However, the longer he stare into her captivating eyes, his expression soften.

"I-I....." He paused. He took in a sharp breath.

"My Dragon, Igneel, left me." He said hesitantly and stare back at the stream.

"You think I'm crazy too don't you?" He asked, slight tears building up.

Y/n stare at him before giving him an apologetic smile. She placed her hand back on his shoulder.

"I don't think your crazy. In fact, I know that makes you a Dragon Slayer, right?" She said. The young boy whipped his head to her, his eyes wide in disbelief.

"How did you--"

"I'm a Dragon Slayer too." She said with a bright smile that made the boy --for some odd reason-- blush. Then his face shifted from shock to excitement.

"Really!? What type do you know!?"

"Well I kn-"

"I know Fire Type!"

"That's aw-"

"Did your Dragon also disappeared today!?"


"Who is your Dragon!? Like I said, mines Igneel!"


"I love your hair! It looks pretty soft! What did you do to get it that soft!?"

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