Two Mama Bears

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I slept in late. Of course, I was hugging Aniket to me, and wouldn't let go as he tried to pry himself off me. Mayma came in and took one good look at us together and left the room to bring the rest of the devils inside.

No privacy at all.

I still didn't let him go. I felt like if I untangled myself from him, he will vanish before me, so clutched on like a leech.

At one point, he sighed and murmured something incoherent. We were asleep for most of the day but I could feel the four pairs of eyes watching us like hawks.

I wanted to yell at them to give us some privacy, but I pitied them, since meddling in our life was the only entertainment they had. I snuggled closer to Anikets' warm chest.

Wait a minute. Warm chest? Aniket's body is usually cold.

I jerk up, gasping for air. The four falcons were still watching us, and I almost died in embarrassment when my mother smirked at me knowingly.

To hell with it.

"What do you people want?" I say, folding my arms over my chest.

They all laughed at me and I huffed, annoyed at their mocking.

I climbed out of the bed, prying Aniket's hands off me. I kissed his cheek, and confirmed that he had a fever.

He was burning up. I got the same twitch in my hands whenever I feel the need to help a person. I put my stethoscope over Aniket's beating heart and listened for some time, worried at the fast rate. I checked vitals and came up with abnormal results. I added another glucose bag, removing the empty one off the stand. I can't do much for his fever other than prescribe pills. I wrote down a prescription and handed it to Pops.

"Get this from the pharmacy. Make sure to check the expiration date!" I caution him. Sometimes medicine expires and the so called educated pharmacists ignore it or it goes unnoticed. "Quick!" Pops chuckles at my temper and runs out the door. "Did anyone bring him food?" I ask, facing the mothers.

"We forgot," Mayma says, looking at her feet.

I sigh. "Just don't get anything from the cafeteria. It's unhealthy for him. Just get some food from home." They nod, pursing their lips before heading out.

"Looks like you've become protective of him." My father says after they head out.

I smile at him sadly, unable come up with a retort. My father has that effect on me sometimes. He leaves me speechless without saying anything at all.

"He doesn't remember me, Papi." I say,  sniffling the tears away. I cannot be weak.
Not in front of my father.

"What do you mean?" He asks, pulling my wrist and making me sit on the chair beside him.

"I think he hit his head when someone pushed him. By the way, have you given a police complaint?"

"No, not yet. We wanted to confirm it from Aniket."

"How do you know someone pushed him?"

"He was murmuring it when we got him to the hospital." He says, putting his hands together and jumping out of the chair. "I know what you're going to say."

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