wtf is wrong with society

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*big inhale as i sip tea*

So wtf is wrong with society??

I was watching an video before, where are kids in the kindergarden and those kids are still babies, they are like 1.5 and 2 years old.

And those...witches had made kids to eat a whole FUCKING tube of wasabi and some of them even slapped a child. And they havent done nothing wrong but maybe did not listened to them.

And im like.

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?? Why the hell are beating up the babies??

And yes, they did get fired but im still wondering, why the fuck haven't they been arrested for abuse and assault???

And rn, I watched this poor girl who was sexually abused by her step dad.

And im now, in tears cuz, yes, this is happening and it is not okay.

And of course I am upset because that is not right.

And her step dad was allowed to have guns and stuff. The state allowed it.

And yes, poor girl has got a 4 year old son.

Just...can someone please tell me what in the fucking world is society?? How is this helping people?

Please....just someone explain it to me or I will lose my mind.

*Internally cry but manages to smile*


*Regina George scream*

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