Because You're My Brother

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So, we'd been back about two weeks, and everything was going great really.

Fred, George, Lee and I had made some cracking pranks, and one was going to be put into action in a few days time, Harry was settling in quite well, having made good friends with Ron, and being on a first-name basis with many of his fellow first-year Gryffindors, some that I knew being Neville, Seamus, Dean, and Hermione.

Everything was okay then, apart from, of course, Fred and George's consistent lovey-dovey rhymes about me and Oliver.

I must have had every girl in Gryffindor come up to me and ask me if we were going out- it was a nightmare. I mean, Oliver's good-looking, and everything... and funny, and smart, and kind, and.... what am I doing?! Shut up Ava! I didn't like him like that- I hardly knew him!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I was in Charms with Fred, George, and Lee, when we heard shouting from outside.

We all looked to the window immediately, to see a figure drop down onto one of the torch holders above the window outside, hang there for a few seconds, then drop down.

We were on the second floor, so it must have bloody hurt. Everyone had winced, some 'ooing', imagining the pain of whoever it was.

Minutes later, we heard Madam Hooch's clomping boots up the staircase near the classroom, and the four of us turned to see her escorting Neville Longbottom to the hospital wing, who seemed to be sporting a broken wrist or something.

He was in Harry's class, and as he was with Madam Hooch, Harry must be having his first flying lesson.

I made a mental note to myself, reminding me to ask him how it was.

Then we went back to our retrieving charm, Accio...

I was just in the courtyard with Lee when I saw Harry running towards me at full speed, grinning widely, Ron at the rear.

"AVA! AVA!" they were both yelling.

"WHAT? WHAT?" I yelled back, jokingly.

He rolled his eyes at me playfully, sticking his tongue out as I laughed.

"Harry made it onto the Quidditch team, Ava! He's Gryffindor's new seeker!" Ron exclaimed.

"But you're only a first year," stated Lee from behind me.

"He's an exception," Ron said proudly, not letting Harry get a word in as the poor dear opened and closed his mouth like a fish, grin evident on his face.

"Well then, I'm Lee Jordan, commentator," Lee introduced himself to Harry, shaking his hand.

"I am so proud of you!" I squealed finally, hugging him close, and kissing his head.

He smiled up at me, and I ruffled his hair.

"Will you come and watch me when I practice one-to-one with Wood?" Harry asked.

"Oooh Wood," Lee winked at me.

"Shut up Lee," I groaned, as, just my luck, Oliver walked past at that moment.

He winked at me, before strolling up to us all.

"You hear the news?" he announced, looking down at Harry proudly.

"Yeah, it's great. And to think Harry, you haven't even been here that long," I said, grinning down at him.

"He really is a good seeker, for his age," Oliver commented, looking at me.

"Well, at least somebody got Dad's skills then, eh," I said, nudging him.

"I saw his trophy," Harry said, understanding my reference.

I smiled; "Course you did, bud."

"Maybe you'd be good on a broom," Oliver said, looking at me still.

I laughed; "I doubt that very much for some strange reason," I said.

"Why?" Oliver looked confused.

"She's scared of heights," Lee and Ron said at the same time.

"Yeah she is," two voices said from behind me, and I yelled, begging to be put down as Fred and George hoisted me into the air.

"God no! God no! PUT ME DOWN OR I'LL HAVE A BLOODY PANIC ATTACK," I screamed, already beginning to gasp for air.

I was put down.

"Maybe we took that a little too far, Fred."

"Maybe, George."

"YES YOU TOOK IT TOO BLOODY FAR!" I rounded on them, hitting them with my Transfiguration text book.

I turned back to Oliver; "Hand me one of those bats though, put a target on the chests of these two pricks, and I reckon I'll make a pretty good beater though," I suggested sweetly.

Oliver laughed; "I might have to take you up on that. Anyway, have a nice day, and I'll see you for practice later, Harry?"

Harry nodded enthusiastically, and I smiled at him fondly, saying goodbye to Oliver as he walked off.

"Ooooh!" Fred, George, and Lee cooed annoyingly.

"Shut up before I hit you all again," I warned.

"You haven't hit me once," Lee chimed up.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I hit him hard with my book; "Better, Lee?"

He rubbed his arm, wincing.

"So will you go to practice with me, Ava?" Harry spoke up innocently.

"Harry I would but I don't have a clue what's going on, and the commentator, and two beaters are my best friends! I'll never get it, otherwise I would come with you. The fact I don't get it kind of makes it boring for me," I admitted, feeling stupid when I had five Quidditch fanatics surrounding me; "Please don't hurt me," I added to them quickly, and they all laughed.

"Pleeeeease, Ava?" Harry begged, his eyes begging me as well.

I finally gave in; "Fine! But don't expect me to sit there and actually understand what I'm seeing!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in defeat.

"I won't," Harry laughed, before we all had to run for third lesson.

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