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Warning! This chapter contains Sexual Assault/Rape! If you aren't comfortable or get easily triggered I recommend you skip most of this chapter.

Joohyun sat down awkwardly on the familiar couch as Sooyoung poured her a glass of wine.

Joohyun took a sip of it before glancing away from Sooyoung.

"Don't give me the cold shoulder, baby,"Sooyoung slurred as she got closer to Joohyun's face.

"Your breath reeks of alcohol..,"Joohyun mumbled. "And don't call me baby,"

Sooyoung groaned and wrapped her arm around the other, sliding her hand under Joohyun's shirt.

Joohyun felt helpless as she scooted away, trying to force Sooyoung's hand away. She gulped. Joohyun was so strong before but why wasn't she now?

Seulgi. I'll do this for Seulgi. Or else she'll hate me.

Sooyoung started to touch Joohyun in unspeakable areas where Joohyun almost sobbed. Tears rolled down her face because she just wanted to go away. Joohyun felt vulnerable.

Joohyun thought it was over. But yet Seulgi brought her up like building blocks but Sooyoung knocked them down.

"What's wrong? Don't like me? Maybe you shouldn't have gone around with that whore,"Sooyoung growled, pulling Joohyun's hair as she started to move her hands around Joohyun's now bare chest.

Darkness. Joohyun felt like she was in a dark cold room but something was constantly touching her. But she couldn't touch it, or see it. She couldn't fight back. The only thing stuck in her mind was that Seulgi was going to be safe if she did this. If she stuck through it. Joohyun just kept believing she was fine.

Sooyoung traveled down to another unspeakable part, doing her "thing". Joohyun cried a bit harder now, from the pain and how much she didn't want to do it. She felt cold, cold, cold and dark.

Finally Sooyoung was done. Sooyoung went to "their" bedroom and passed out.

Joohyun got dressed. She sat on the floor looking out the window of their tall apartment building. And all she could do was cry.


Seulgi sighed, it wasn't Joohyun's fault. She sat at her now empty apartment as Jimin and Taehyung had decided to leave and get a new one. Yeri and Wendy were on a trip together with their parents as they were close childhood friends.

Since she was all alone in her thoughts, all she could think about was Joohyun. That note. Sooyoung.

"I'm going to bash Sooyoung's head in. Fuck,"She mumbled.

Seulgi whipped out her phone checking for Joohyun's social media.

Every post was deleted except for one. Just one.

@Irenie: Goodbye

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@Irenie: Goodbye

Nothing was left. She was even blocked on her phone. Seulgi grabbed her hair in frustration, throwing her phone at the couch. What could she do?

Seulgi groaned, she just wanted to go and barge right into Sooyoung's apartment and get Joohyun back. But what if Sooyoung tried to hurt Joohyun once she got there?

Seulgi sighed. She just decided to sleep for now. Seulgi walked into the room, touching the spot where her and Joohyun shared a room.


For the next few days Joohyun didn't do anything except follow Sooyoung's orders. She didn't eat either. Joohyun just drank water.

Every time Joohyun looked at food all she could think about was the breakfast Seulgi was going to bring her. Before she got hurt. Every time Joohyun looked at food, all she think about was it's my fault.

Now Joohyun didn't develop anorexia because she thought she was fat, it was because she was afraid of food. Or so afraid of wanting food because she thought something bad was going to happen.

Joohyun deeply hated food with a desire and so herself as she believed was the cause of Seulgi being hurt.

Joohyun would only drink water. Sometimes soy milk but that was it. She was becoming rapidly thinner. Joohyun felt she was going to collapse though she couldn't do anything about it.

What did Sooyoung think? Sooyoung merely praised her Girlfriend for being skinnier because she looked prettier like this. Sooyoung thought now since Joohyun was much skinner, she thought old Joohyun was "fat" or overweight.

Sooyoung merely just helped feed Joohyuns addiction or rather, not addiction to food. If that makes sense.


Ah sorry for now updating for a while and giving you guys a bad ending to this chapter. It's just the next chapter is going to be more exciting and I needed to connect it easily! Also if I upset any of you with the Anorexia or Joohyun's Cibophobia or get something wrong or false, feel free to tell me as I don't want to get my information wrong.

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