chapter three.

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chapter three

ACE'S BARKING HAD gotten louder as he made his way into Ruby's bedroom, announcing to her that there was a guest waiting for her to open the door

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ACE'S BARKING HAD gotten louder as he made his way into Ruby's bedroom, announcing to her that there was a guest waiting for her to open the door. His insistent barking made her groan tiredly as she covered her head with a pillow to block out the noise. To her disappointment, the knocking and barking continued until Ruby got up and opened the door and was greeted by her roommate and closest friend, Bentley Evans.

"What on Earth are you knocking on the door for? You know that sets the dog off." Ruby frowned at her friend and stepped to the side so he could walk in.

"Well excuse me for leaving my key here. I texted you like a million times to let me in." Bentley spoke with a roll of his eyes as he patted Ace's head softly and made his way to the couch.

Ruby's frown softened but stayed on her face as she was still annoyed for her roommate waking her up. Bentley seemed to find joy in annoying her, but he had always been like that. They grew up together so they had a sibling-like bond, even after they tried dating and broke up after a month. He always seemed to remind her of her older brother Max, so that was probably another reason why they got along so well.

"What's got you so cranky?" Bentley raised a brow after taking note of the look on Ruby's face.

Ruby sighed heavily and walked over to an arm chair by the couch and sat down, rubbing her face tiredly. "Long night at the hospital... You literally wouldn't believe what happened."

"Try me. I know you and your family, anything can happen with you guys." Bentley chuckled quietly and leaned into the couch cushions.

Ruby went silent, debating on whether or not she should actually tell Bentley what happened. Her situation was so out of the ordinary that it didn't seem believable. Bentley knew Ruby didn't lie, but dealing with an alien for a patient seemed like a cheesy movie plot rather than real life.

"Hey Rubes, are you gonna tell me?" Bentley questioned his roommate as he leaned forward to look at her.

She snapped out of her thoughts and sighed again. "Let me go get my phone first. I need to check something..."

Ruby quickly got up and entered her room, and noticed her phone screen was lit up. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she saw she had multiple missed calls from the same unknown number. She had to assume it was Canton, so she wasn't too surprised when she listened to all of the voicemails he left demanding that she call him back for the sake of the Doctor. Why this agent was desperate to get her attention over this was something the nurse couldn't understand. All she did was pump fluids into a dehydrated and exhausted man and suddenly she was the center of attention for the man responsible for her patient.

She was almost convinced that everything was some elaborate prank her brother Max had planned, but it seemed to be too complex for him to even pull off. Max was a smart man, but even he couldn't come up with something as wild and big as her current situation.

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