You're Art- The Sidemen

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This is a prompt from starrythoughts_ in their Sidemen book ;) check them out!

Vikk's tattoos are at the bottom of the story.

Vikk's P.O.V.

I grinned over the rim of my coffee, watching as Simon and JJ playfully fought over who ate the last slice of bread and who put the empty bag back in the bread bin. They had been fighting, jokingly mind you, pretty much all day, and the main topic had been JJ's tattoos.

JJ was the only one among the Sidemen who had tattoos, at least to their knowledge, and the other boys constantly shit on him because of them. Obviously they didn't know about my tattoos, the ones that covered almost all of upper body, from my stomach all the way to my neck and down my arms to my wrists.

They were all beautiful tattoos, each one a work of art in its own right, and I loved each of them individually. I had got most of them after I got to know the boys, in fact I got most of them after I moved into the house with them, but they still never knew.

I wore long sleeves all the time so they didn't see my sleeve tattoos and they were pretty unobservant, so I wasn't surprised that they hadn't noticed.

JJ had shown the boys his tattoos and because they had laughed at him, shitting on him for some of his weirder tattoos, so I never showed me mine, less worried about them laughing about me and more worried about what they would think of me.

I was the little one, the baby of the Sidemen so to speak, so I was worried about what they would think of me if they knew that I had been getting tattoos since I was 16. I had continued to get them all throughout my YouTube career, the tattoos spreading all over my chest and arms until they almost completely covered my upper body.

The only spaces that were missing was a large spot on my lower to mid back, where I could get two tattoos as the area was split by a long thin tattoo that ran the length of my spine.

Most of my tattoos were artsy, coloured and bright and were mostly about flowers or birds, wings or planets. I loved all of them and I planned on getting more maybe later on in life when I had more memories to immortalise in art on my body.

"JJ! How much effort does it take to put the bag in the rubbish bin! You took the effort to put it back in the bread bin, why not put it in the rubbish bin!" Simon laughing, smacking JJ playfully over the back of his head.

I rolled my eyes and slipped off the kitchen stool, taking my coffee with me into the living room where Josh was watching some random Netflix show. I settled onto the couch.

"They still annoying each other?" I nodded.

"JJ put the empty bread bag back into the bread bin, Simon wasn't happy." Josh rolled his eyes.

"Of course, they're always at each other." He laughed, kicking his feet up on the arm of the couch I was lying on.

A few minutes later both JJ and Simon came into the room, Simon practically sitting on top of me and JJ falling onto a beanbag by Josh's feet.

There was peaceful silence for a few minutes before Simon started poking fun at JJ's tattoos, laughing at the fancy italic writing and the little extra details. Eventually JJ sighed, covering his face.

"Oh for God's sake Simon, I'm not the only one in this room with tattoos." I froze, trying not to show my fear.

"What? Yes you are." JJ shook his head.

"Wait until you see Vikk's." He then stood up and marched over to me, pulling up the bottom of my shirt so the others could see the tattoos on my stomach.

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